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What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is the tax levied by the State government on transactions concerning with the sale of property/ property ownership. Under the Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act 1899, an individual required to pay stamp duty on property that they have acquired. Although, in case of property exchange both parties are liable to share the stamp duty equally. The Stamp duty on property is type of an indirect tax which works as an acknowledgment of sale/purchase of the concerned property between buyers and sellers.
The amount on the stamp duty levied is with respect to the state and locality where the property is located. Stamp duty is an important attestation and the payment of such shall be met with punctuality. Any delay in the payment, shall attract a monthly penalty from anywhere between 2% and 200%.
The individual who is set to execute the instrument is required to pen down the initials of their name across stamp to cancel it. If they fail to execute it properly, the instrument would lose it admissibility in court, and would be considered ‘unstamped.’

How are the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Calculated?

The stamp duty on property generally revolves around 5-7% of the current market value. It is variable to the state the property is located. The registration fee is 1% of the market value of the property. There are several factors which determine amount of stamp duty which is to be levied on the property transaction such as:

  • Current valuation or market price of the concerned property
  • Nature of the property; whether it is duplex, single or multi-storey
  • Planned usage of the property; commercial or residential
  • Location of the real estate transacted
  • Characterstics such as age and gender of the can also deflate the stamp duty charges as some states provide concessions to senior citizens and women

Stamp Duty Rates Across Various Metropolitans

City Stamp Duty Rates on Properties
Delhi Male: 6% Female: 4%
Banglore Properties valued upto Rs 45 Lakhs: 3% Properties valued above Rs 45 Lakhs: 5%
Mumbai Male: 5% Female: 4%
Chennai 7%
Pune Male: 6% Female: 5%
Hyderabad 4 %
Kolkata Property valued at or less than 25 Lakhs: 4% Property valued at or more than 40 Lakhs:5%


Who is liable to pay for Stamp Duty?

The party which is to acquire the property are liable to pay for stamp duty. The stamp duty on property are shared by buyer and seller of property incase of property exchange.

What’s the penalty if you fail to pay the Stamp duty on Property?

The involved parties are liable to pay the monthly penalty 2% of the deficit amount.

Does home loans cover stamp duty charges and registration charges?

The involved parties are liable to pay the monthly penalty 2% of the deficit amount.

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