South Wall Decoration Ideas as per Vastu

South Wall Decor Vastu

You must have heard about pieces of decor which are not supposed to be in one’s home. Paintings depicting battles, negative things or events, and the Taj Mahal are a few things that are frowned upon by vastu experts if present in one’s home. These items bring negative energy into your house or block the entrance of abundance and positive energy in your home. vastu shastra is an ancient Indian study of architecture which aims to build a harmonious flow of vibrancy within the building. vastu covers the aspect of layout, design, decor and other elements that go into the complete functioning of the building. This science of architecture involves understanding elements, symmetry, and directions. The mindful arrangement of space, furniture and decor is key in vastu. These factors regulate the flow of energy in the house. Designing your home in terms of vastu enhances prosperity and wealth. 

Wall decor improves the flow of the room immensely. A vague piece of art can throw off the theme of the room. Something even worse, is choosing the wrong kind of decor that disrupts the energy of a room. Therefore it is essential to understand the workings of vastu before you indulge in buying any wall decor. Consulting a vastu expert before you start the construction of your home or deciding on its interior is a fine idea.

South Wall Decorations vastu 

An amalgamation of science, astrology, and art, vastu is used as a remedy for recurring household problems. Even if you buy the correct piece of decor, its wrong placement will also have ill effects. vastu shastra suggests placing art, photos or other decorations on the south wall to increase the positive energy in your home. South wall decorations, according to vastu, are the most preferred space for inviting prosperity, good health and wealth into your home. 

Fire and earth are the elements of fire in the southeast and southwest directions. Antique metal decorations are hung on the southern wall. Wooden decor like almirahs, vases and cabinets should be placed on the southeast wall. Telephones, video games and other electronic items should be placed on the southeast wall. Items concerning the element fire should also be placed on the southeast wall. 

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Why Is the South Direction Important in vastu?

Inauspicious energy is linked with the south. The ruler of the south direction is Yama- the God of Death. However, one thing to be careful of is not to have a large window on the south wall of your house. Refrain from any big opening since all the good vibrations of the north pool are in the southern direction. 

However, there are remedies which can help you to regulate the sound field of energy in your house. The corresponding planet of direction south is Mars. The southern direction relates to finance and career-related aspects of one’s life. It is vital to have heavy and closed walls in the south. Experts advise that the walls should have cabinets and heavy almirahs to block the outflow of positive energy. 

Tips To Decorate Your South Wall 

The south wall of the house can be the bearer of paintings, photographs and wall hangings, to name a few. Following are the tips you need to follow to utilise the benefits of the south wall of your house. 


Art on walls is the best way to accentuate the interior of your house. If those paintings match your aesthetic and are vastu-friendly, abundance will knock on your door. Paintings depicting nature should be placed on the south wall of the house. Since colours like orange and pink are beneficial to be placed in the southern direction, sunset paintings will also be a perfect fit in this direction. The south correlates with the element of fire. Paintings that have fire as an element are hung on the wall. Keep a check on whether your painting is portraying violence or any such negative-emotion-generating image. Paintings depicting water should not be placed on the south walls since the elements are opposite. 

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A gallery wall with photos of friends and family is everyone’s dream. The best place for hanging pictures of your family is the southwest wall. It deepens the bond among the members, and peace prevails in the family. It is important to note that the southern direction should not be chosen for family pictures. The southern wall is reserved to pay respect to the ancestors. Therefore it is the best place to put up pictures of your late family members on the south wall of your house. 

Wall Hangings and Furniture

The south wall is supposed to be closed. There shouldn’t be big openings in the south wall as per vastu. Place a heavy almirah or cover the wall with cabinets. The wall cabinets are a good option for an accent wall too. 

In terms of wall hangings and other decor pieces, wood and metal are two elements you can use to decorate your wall. As mentioned above, the south wall resonates with fire and earth elements, the decor that corresponds will not create any disbalance in the house. Do not hang a pendulum clock on the wall. As per vastu Mirrors on the south walls cause accidents. If the mirror you have cannot be removed, covering it would get the job done. 

Best Colour for South Wall 

Choosing what colour to paint your walls is an exhausting task. If you consider vastu, your options come down to two or three prospects. The vastu Shastra has specific colours designated to the directions. Orange, Red, Coral Red and Pink are the colours for the south wall decoration according to vastu. You can use the hues of these colours or change the values according to your preference. The meaning of the colours is given below- 

Orange represents power, spirituality and openness. The colour helps to deepen social bonds and promotes good relationships with society. 

Red depicts bravery, sacrifice and danger. It is a strong choice of colour to paint the walls. Red represents the movement of a lot of energy. It is not advisable to paint walls red if you suffer from anxiety. Instead, use cooler tones of red, such as coral red. 

Pink projects happiness and light-hearted energy. The colour also represents pure joy. Use pink in the master bedrooms. 

What Should Be in the South Direction of the House?

The energy from the northern direction pools in the south. The southern direction is ruled by the planet Mars and Yama, the Lord of Death. Experts advise avoiding having big openings like doors and windows in the south of your home. The south wall should be thick as per vastu for house. If you have such an opening, cover it with heavy cupboards and cabinets. Windchimes bring positive energy to homes. Wooden Chimes are the best options for the south side of the house. 

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Humans are made up of energy and are surrounded by energy. Navigating this energy in a positive direction needs a push from outside sources. Crystals, statues, colours, and art have a grave impact on the energy present inside the house. Vastu Shastra has existed since 6000 BC. It is deeply rooted in Indian culture. Designing your home as per Vastu has a lot of benefits. Selecting the placement of rooms, decor, the colour of walls and the direction of your house helps in the proper flow within your house. The correct choice of decoration ensures positivity, wealth and good health for the residents of the house. 


What can I hang on the south wall?

You can hang paintings depicting nature like sunsets, or with colours like orange and pink can be hung on the south wall. Pictures of ancestors and late family members should be placed on the south wall.

What painting is good for the south wall?

Paintings depicting nature, fire and colours of the planet Mars can be put up on the south wall. Refrain from putting up pictures that depict elements of water, war images, abstract painting and tortured animals.

What should be in the South as per vastu?

The southern direction should have heavy walls. Put heavy almirahs and cabinets against the south wall. You can hang paintings, windchimes and photos of late relatives on the south wall of your house.

Which colours are best for the south wall?

The favourable colours on the south wall are orange, red and pink. You can use different values of these colours.

What does the south wall represent?

The southern direction represents Yama, the Lord of Death. It also represents the planet Mars.

Can we hang photos in the south direction?

You can hang photos of your ancestors and late family members on the south walls.

Anupama Menon Anupama is a content writer first and an artist second. She loves to paint, whether its through words or acrylics. She is a cinephile, obsessed with the idea of writing and directing films one day. If she suddenly pulls a Houdini, she is probably at the beach, reading.
Anupama Menon Anupama is a content writer first and an artist second. She loves to paint, whether its through words or acrylics. She is a cinephile, obsessed with the idea of writing and directing films one day. If she suddenly pulls a Houdini, she is probably at the beach, reading.
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