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Square Yards believes in the authenticity of its services. Irrespective of the service we connect with you for, it's your word that matters the most to us, and is a key indicator to our growth. We give credence to our delivery in lines with our promises.The reviews from our stakeholders are a liaison for us to curate streamlined services and nurture credibility.

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Majid Khan

Dishant’s team was great. They really took the time to understand my style and helped me express myself in my home. The team's attention to detail was phenomenal. They did an amazing job blending my old and new furniture and decor. I'd definitely recommend them.

Reena Negi

I have given Square Yards my house interior and they are doing a great job. Snehal helped me a lot to select and finalize my house design and now Ritesh is executing all of that very well. He is a very helpful person and is guiding me to buy things for my new house like lights, accessories and all. I am very happy with the work.

Aakash Chakravarty

I used their service to get my 3BHK designed, they did a fantastic job. I’m very happy and satisfied with their work. Their designer Gurasis and project manager Ranu Singh are an amazing duo, trusting them was the best decision. These guys are doing a wonderful job, better than their competitors. Furthermore, Neha, Arpita, and Amandeep thank you all for making this journey memorable. Special mention for Gurasis and Ranu you guys are awesome, thank you for making our dream home.

Mampiya Chandra

Interior Company team was extremely helpful, professional and experienced with our project. Ranu Singh Project Manager and especially interior designer Gurasis Singh helped with the overall look that we desired. The manager and designer both executed a brilliant job. They were very dedicated towards their work. Thanks, Amandeep, Arpita and Neha for your cooperation.

Vinayak Sharma

Good service and interior designers are great! I Am very pleased with Interior Company by Square Yards. All their interior designers are well trained and provided good ideas during my renovation. The execution team was very helpful and friendly. I like their workmanship, accuracy and everything is on time. Prices are reasonable and will design based on your budget and make it affordable and comfortable. I am very happy with my house :-) Good Workmanship!!!

Rajesh M

Project Manager Suresha and the Designer Twinkle Karan were very helpful and understanding and also managed to cater to my last-minute requirements. Thank you so much for making a pleasant experience.

Gnanaprakash S

Had a really great experience with Interior Company by Square Yards. The initial discussion with Jeeva & Vivek was the starting point and the way they respond to the customer amazed me. The Design stage was led by Siva Subramaniam, he was so polite and open to suggestions throughout the design stage and helped me in choosing the right design with multiple mockups. Project Manager Ramprasath was committed to the promised delivery time with quality. He was very polite in answering all my questions. Dharani is the person I meet often at the site, to whom I asked more doubts and questions, he was more responsive in answering all my doubts with utmost politeness. Overall: Quality, Delivery on time, and commitment were impressive.

Riyas Nasrin

Very happy with InCo (Square Yards) and the way of handling customers in a very professional way. Right from the beginning - we are very happy (initial discussion, Quotation part, multiple discussions on the design area etc). Priya helped us with the initial discussion and it went very positive (immediately we booked too). Monisha is the designer and she delivered her best with respect to designing and choosing the right materials. Project Manager Ashraf is very humble and professional, his way of communication and explanations on each product is outstanding. He is very neat and delivered our home before the time they committed with exceptional quality, especially the materials were very good. I would like to thank Ashraf for his dedication and on-time delivery. Also kudos to all the other people who were involved and especially the carpenters for their good work.

Swathi S

Great work done by Iyappan and team. Very responsible and responsive team.Took our feedback at every stage of design/production and implemented it effectively. The interior work turned out great.

Bharath A

I would like to share my experience with Interior Company by Square Yards. Well I had a smooth experience working with these guys. Getting your interiors done is a very critical task after you buy a house The best thing about them is they will try to take all your inputs and also recommend amazing designs. Their pricing is also budget-friendly and also they won't charge a penny extra over the quote. The quality used for the products is of the best. They have a great operations team. Special thanks to Arthi, Narsaraju, Shiva Kumar for delivering the output as per the requirements.

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