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What is a Rent Receipt?

A rent receipt is an invoice confirming rent paid between a rentee and their landlord. The house owner or the landlord issues the rent receipt to their tenant after they have pocketed the rental payments accrued. The rent receipts includes all the necessary information on the transaction such the names of the parties involved, rent amount and period, information on the property. A rent receipt legitamises the transactions between a landlord and their tenants and are evaluated in court incase of disputes between tenants and homeowners.

Why it is advisable to Obtain Rent Receipts?

A salaried employee is required to submit the rent receipts to their employer before the end of the financial year to avail tax exemptions on their HRA( Housing Rent Allowance) under Section 10 (13A) of the Income Tax Act.

The lowest of the three amounts would be eligible for Tax exemption-

Generate Free Rent Receipts Online

The rent receipts can be generated for free without any hassle online by following the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Enter necessary information on the following

  1. 1.Rent amount paid
  2. 2.Name of the renter and the rentee
  3. 3.Time period for which the rent is paid

STEP 2: Click on the Print Button to get it signed and stamped by the renter

STEP 3: Submit the receipt to the HR before the end of the financial year to avail tax exemptions.

Q1. How do I make a rent receipt?

Answer: You can easily generate a rent receipt from the diverse set of options available online. However, it is to be remembered that your rent receipt shall must include the following elements:

  • Name of the landowner and the tenant
  • Rent Amount paid
  • Time period for which the amount was paid
  • Date of the payment
  • Address of the rented property
  • Signature of the houseowner
Q2.Can rent receipts be handwritten?

Answer: Yes, rent receipts are document that confirm the payment of rent between a renter and a rentee. Although it is advisable to print the receipt instead of writing it by hand for better admissibility and acceptability

Q3.Is a revenue stamp mandatory on rent receipt?

Answer: It is mandatory to affix the revenue stamp on the rental payments that exceeds Rs 5,000 and are paid in cash.The landowner signs on it authenticating the transaction. However, if the monthly rent is less than Rs 5,000 it is not necessary to to attest a revenue stamp even if the rent was paid in cash.

Q4.Can we include the maintenance charges in rent?

Answer: Yes, if the maintenance charges are paid by the rentee on the property then it can be included rent for tax exemptions.

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