The Rajmachi Fort: An Adventurous Trekking Spot You Must Discover

Rajmachi Fort

Long weekends and you still can’t figure out your next adventurous trip? If it is yet to be decided, let us introduce you to the “Rajmachi Fort''. This is not just a historical spot where you can explore a saga of kings and queens but also a trekking spot for those seeking a thrill. It is located exactly in the middle of two famous hill stations: Karjat and Lonavala. The two-way route connects the tourists with the other two forts, Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort, from a solitary connectivity base of Udhewadi village. Both the forts are at 2510 ft. and 2710 ft. from the Rajmachi Point. The Rajmachi Trek is a route amidst multiple waterfalls and caves. 

For trekkers, Rajmachi Fort Trekking is a great idea where the adventure meets the monument's artefacts that gives you the pleasure of a worthy vacation. Let’s explore more about Rajmachi Fort trekking and the fun factors that can help you extract the best essence. 

History of Rajmachi Fort of Maharashtra

Rajmachi Fort is a well-recognised adventure destination in Maharashtra with a thrilling history. The Satavahanas built it in 1657 under the rule of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj of Bijapur. But after this, it was captured by Mughals in 1704-1705. But obviously, Maratha rulers created a legacy of bravery and strength which helped them gain the possession of Rajmachi Fort in 1818 before the Britishers took control under colonial rule. 

Architectural Design Of the Rajmachi Fort

Besides having an incredible history of Rajmachi Fort, its twinning fort also bagged attention due to the exquisite architecture that makes it different from all the Indian monuments. It consists of tall walls, grand ramparts, residential areas, multiple entry gates, administrative units and a hidden passage to escape. 

As a Maratha's memorable spot, The Rajmachi Fort Trek will also lead to some renowned worship spots that are not only ancient but are older than the palace itself. The first temple you may encounter between the two palaces above is the Kal Bhairav Temple, where the local deity is worshipped. On the west plateaus, you will witness the Ancient Buddhist domes, which are believed to have existed since 200 BC. Undoubtedly, the Rajmachi Fort trek will let you meet some unmatchable fascination in your lives.

What's Inside Rajmachi Fort?

There are several spots to discover around Rajmachi Fort trekking. And if you love waters all around, do not miss out on the mesmerising lakes you can embrace during the Rajmachi Lonavala Trek. Check the below list to unlock the world’s best vacation spot. 

Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake has the perfect viewpoint for an adorable aura, best for picnics or casual outings. This is primarily a dam situated in one of the villages adjacent to the Rajmachi Lonavala trekking route and is popular with its name “Tungarli”. The major focus of its establishment was irrigation for Rajmachi village. But later on, the charm successfully grabbed tourists' attention and has become one of the most worth-visiting spots around Rajmachi. 

Ryewood Park

Of course, going on the Rajmachi Lonavala trek and not clicking thousands of pictures is a holiday gone in vain. But when we say Rajmachi trekking, it will flood you with multiple picture spots offering backgrounds of some scenic views. As per the local belief, the park has got its name after an English Army Officer, Mr Rye, who was a resident for good long years. If we segregate the park’s name Ryewood, the “Rye” means thick forest and compliments the tourist spot elegantly. 

Kune Waterfall

Rajmachi waterfalls are a matter of major tourist interest where it flows 200 m down the plateau. Through the Rajmachi Lonavala trekking route, you can visit the highest waterfall in Maharashtra. Its origin is the Khandala Ghats, where the three-tiered waterfall soothes your soul, especially during the monsoon seasons. We can say this because the hilly terrain looks so dense, as if it is wearing a green sheet. This Rajmachi waterfall is an active destination in terms of local visitors too and is suitable for a family outing.

Valvan Lake

It is a breath-taking holiday destination on the way through Rajmachi Lonavala trekking. The place is situated in the Valvan village and is idealistic to nature-lovers. It is, again, a place that possesses natural aspects of beauty. It won’t be wrong to say that the quaint hamlet is not just a connectivity point for hills like Shreevardhan and Manoranjan but also a significant part of the whole trekking experience towards the Rajmachi fort. The place is quite soothing and offers peace away from the city rush. Overall, this picnic spot can contribute a lot to making your trekking the best of all your date.

Tiger Leap

Interestingly, the spot is full of views that will leave you astonished. This is another spot where if you look down the plateau, the angular pathway reflects like a tiger making it a place to visit in the Rajmachi Fort’s holiday plan. It is 650 m high and, at the same time, quite dangerous that needs utmost caution while viewing the sideway tiger figure. You can see some signs that strictly ask the visitors to maintain a distance from the height for safety measures. It is a youngsters' chilling spot where groups of friends are often seen. 

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves

Lakes and caves are the most common spots you may witness on Rajmachi Fort trekking. It is located in Khandala and not so far from the main city. Here, you can simply feel the vibes of Buddhism in their culture and the architecture. Impressively, caves have their walls and pillars in the shape of a temple that focuses on the Buddhist’s architectural ideas. Several Buddhist inspired stories as well fenced on the wall that conveys different stories of Buddha's life journey. The caves also have special units such as Vihara and Chaitya, where the monks offer prayer to Lord Buddha. 

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Now that we have come across many spots that hold values and comfort for the trekkers, Rajmachi Fort offers exciting flying sessions. Yes, you read it right because Rajmachi Fort trekking is not just the end but a piece of the whole package. You will be provided with an extraordinary session to fly over the adorable valley up from 46 km. It is counted in the outskirts of Pune on the sides of Verdant Sahyadri Range. It has three prime divisions: Classic Tandem, Instructional Tandem, and Acro Tandem. 

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Different Ways to Reach Rajmachi Fort

There are many ways through which you may reach out to your favourite holiday destination of Rajmachi Fort. Check out which can suit you the best so that your Rajmachi trekking time does not get drained by finding the ways. 

By Train:

You can easily travel from Mumbai, Lonavala, or Pune by local trains. Initiate the journey from Mumbai to Pune. Reach Karjat; you may avail an auto-rickshaw or a taxi directly to the Kondana Village. This is the base spot from where your Rajmachi Lonavala trekking starts. 

Or else, 

Take the Udayan Express, which commences at 8.10 am from Dadar station, Mumbai. From here, you will reach Lonavala by 9:30 am. Then, avail an auto or taxi till Tungarli Dam, which has proximity from Lonavala station of about 4km. After this, you can start your Rajmachi trek covering fascinating visiting spots. 

By Bus/Taxi/Private Vehicle:

Rajmachi has two different roadways to travel from Mumbai. You can travel till the Kondhane side, and then you may trek for around 3-4 hours towards Rajmachi Fort. 

Or else, 

You may drive to Udhewadi village, which is the base of Rajmachi Fort trekking. But here, the trekking time completely cuts down to 30-40 minutes only. While travelling through roads, ensure the safety measures because they are not well constructed and may create hustles for you. 

By Flight: 

Travellers who will be travelling from other states and avail flights will reach the nearest airport of Rajmachi, which is, of course, Mumbai International Airport. Then the rest of the ways mentioned earlier of transport will suit you the best for reaching your destination. 

Which is the Best Time to Visit Rajmachi Fort?

The best time to visit Rajmachi Fort is not defined by the seasons as its nearness to Mumbai. Knowingly, Mumbai is counted among those cities with blissful weather throughout the year. But there are some specific months, such as June to September, when you may decide to visit Rajmachi Fort Trekking.

End Thoughts

It is said that the actual essence of trekking is a natural beauty and an open sky to feel the fresh air and nature that surrounds you. Rajmachi night trek gives similar satisfaction to all the trekkers, especially the first-timers. Rajmachi village stay is another perk that can be experienced, making it the preferable holiday destination. 

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Is the Rajmachi trek difficult?

Rajmachi trekking is the easiest plan you can make in your upcoming holidays. The trek is of average height, and the traits are well-versed with specifications which need no help from a guide. It is said that it is the most challenging trek in the monsoon season. So, if you want to have the full fun of the thrilling trek, this one's for you.

How long does it take to climb Rajmachi fort?

It will take 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the Rajmachi Lonavala Fort. It is situated amidst the natural desires a trekker can wish for, making it the most admirable trekking spot in Maharashtra. 

How can I reach Rajmachi Fort?

There are several ways to reach the Rajmachi trekking from Pune. It is easy for people who stay in Mumbai to travel by car or train. The most discussed beauty is the Rajmachi night trek which offers the best trekking experience through the Rajmachi village stay.

Shreya Shreya knows the art of engaging the readers with interactive write-ups and innovative information. Her writings are thoroughly researched, creative and focused on the subject of discourse. It helps her create consistency in reading that a reader loves to embrace. Her style of clarifying people’s curiosity into words is pretty convenient and makes it effectively convincing.
Shreya Shreya knows the art of engaging the readers with interactive write-ups and innovative information. Her writings are thoroughly researched, creative and focused on the subject of discourse. It helps her create consistency in reading that a reader loves to embrace. Her style of clarifying people’s curiosity into words is pretty convenient and makes it effectively convincing.
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