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1 Ounce is equal to 29.57 Milliliter

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All of us must have invariably heard the word ‘ounces’ or ‘ml’ in our daily lives. Some places where you might have heard these terms are when you are buying a liquid based product- these terms are most commonly used for the measurement of volume of such items. Apart from this, these units of measurement also have wide application for industrial and commercial purposes. Which invariably means that it would come in handy to know the conversion process and relationship between these two units. In this blog, we will go through the ounces to ML conversion process, formula, relationship, and differences.

What are Ounces?

An ounce is a British customary unit of measurement that has diverse applications like measurement of weight, volume and mass. The most commonly used variation of this unit is the ‘avoirdupois ounce’ which can be described as being equivalent to 28.3 grams or 1/16th of an ‘avoirdupois pound’. 

This unit of measurement is most commonly used in Britain and the USA for the measurement of food products and food portions, aerial density of paper, boxing gloves, sports equipment, postal packages, etc. There are also several other variations of this unit like the ‘Troy Ounce’, which is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams.This version of the unit is mainly used for the measurement of several metals including rhodium, platinum, palladium, silver, and gold.

Current Use of Ounces

The ounce is currently used in the USA and Britain for the measurement of packaged food products, food portions, and other liquid based products. It is also used for measuring the aerial volume of paper, fabric, and precious metals.

History of Ounces

Ounce word came into English from Anglo-Norman French.  There it was referred as ‘unce’ or ‘ounce’. But its abbreviation was borrowed from Medieval Italian, where the word was ‘onza’. Nowadays, the Italian word is oncia, and the area once covered by the Roman Empire has long since switched to the metric system.

Grams and ounces both are the units of measurement that associate with the concepts of mass and weight. The gram is a metric unit to measure the mass. Ounces are typically used in the United States for measuring the mass. It results from dividing a pound into the sixteen equal parts.

We can convert grams into either of these ounces by using the appropriate conversion factors. Multiply the value in grams by 0.035 ounces per gram. This will give U.S. ounces. As an example, we can say 100 grams is equivalent to 3.5 ounces.

What is ML?

ML or milliliter works out to one-thousandth of one liter while also equating to 0.033815 fluid ounces along with 0.061025 cubic inches. A milliliter of water is not even ample for filling up one smaller spoon. It is used for measuring volume and capacity. Millimeter measures the amount of liquid that can be held within a container or capacity. A cup equals roughly 237 milliliters. 

Current Use of ML

The relationship of ounces to ML is not hard to understand. 1 ounce to ML works out to 29.5735 ML. You will also get to know ounces in a cup or how many ounces are in a cup which can be done later. Coming back to ounce to ML conversions, 1 ML is also equal to 0.03 ounces. You can easily convert ounces to liters or find out ounces in a cup once you work out a relationship with ML. The ml to ounces figure is also given here, i.e. 0.03 ounces. 

The ounce is a name for several diverse units of measuring weight, mass, or volume and is used throughout the British customary measurement system too. The commonly used avoirdupois ounce or roughly 28.3 grams is 1/16th of the avoirdupois pound. This is the regular U.S. customary and British imperial ounce and is majorly used throughout the U.S. for measurements of food portions and packaged food products along with the areal density of paper and fabric, postal packages, boxing gloves, and more. Many other ounce types are used presently including the troy ounce which equates to 31.1034768 grams. This is used for measuring mass of several precious metals including silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and rhodium among others. Ounce-force is also a measure for weight, i.e. force based upon a common ounce under standard gravity conditions. The fluid ounce helps with the measurement of volume as well. 

Ounces to ML Conversion Process

The conversion process for ounces to ML conversion is actually pretty straightforward. The main thing that you need to remember is that there are 29.5735 milliliters in 1 ounce. Keeping this in mind, all you need to do is multiply the value of ounces with 29.5735 to get the figure in milliliters. Once this concept is clear, you should be able to convert these units with ease.

Ounces to ML Conversion Formula

The ounces to milliliters conversion process can be very easy for you if you know what formula to use while converting. Given below is the formula for converting these two units of measurement:

ML = Ounces * 29.5735

You can use this formula to convert these two units by using the appropriate values in the place for ounces and ML.

Ounces to ML Conversion Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of how you can use the above given formula and process to convert ounces to Ml.

Example 1: How to Convert 6 Ounces to ml

Applying the formula that we have discussed above:

Ml= 6 * 29.5735 =  177.441

Therefore, 6 Ounces is equal to 177.441 milliliters.

Example 2: How to Convert 12 Ounces to ml

Applying the formula that we have discussed above:

Ml= 12 * 29.5735 =  354.882

Therefore, 12 Ounces is equal to 354.882 milliliters.

Example 3: How to Convert 24 Ounces to ml

Applying the formula that we have discussed above:

Ml= 24 * 29.5735 =  709.764

Therefore, 24 Ounces is equal to 709.764 milliliters.

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Example 4: How to Convert 48 Ounces to ml

Applying the formula that we have discussed above:

Ml= 48 * 29.5735 =  1,419.528

Therefore, 48 Ounces is equal to 1,419.528 milliliters.

Ounces to ML Conversion Table

Ounce [Oz]Milliliters(ml)Ounces to Milliliters (oz to ml)
1 oz29.5735 ml1 ounces is equal to 29.5735 Milliliters
2 oz59.147 ml2 ounces is equal to 59.147 Milliliters
3 oz88.7205 ml3 ounces is equal to 88.7205 Milliliters
4 oz118.294 ml4 ounces is equal to 118.294 Milliliters
5 oz147.8675 ml5 ounces is equal to 147.8675 Milliliters
6 oz177.441 ml6 ounces is equal to 177.441 Milliliters
7 oz207.0145 ml7 ounces is equal to 207.0145 Milliliters
8 oz236.588 ml8 ounces is equal to 236.588 Milliliters
9 oz266.1615 ml9 ounces is equal to 266.1615 Milliliters
10 oz295.735 ml10 ounces is equal to 295.735 Milliliters
11 oz325.3085 ml11 ounces is equal to 325.3085 Milliliters
12 oz354.882 ml12 ounces is equal to 354.882 Milliliters
13 oz384.4555 ml13 ounces is equal to 384.4555 Milliliters
14 oz414.029 ml14 ounces is equal to 414.029 Milliliters
15 oz443.6025 ml15 ounces is equal to 443.6025 Milliliters
16 oz473.176 ml16 ounces is equal to 473.176 Milliliters
17 oz502.7495 ml17 ounces is equal to 502.7495 Milliliters
18 oz532.323 ml18 ounces is equal to 532.323 Milliliters
19 oz561.8965 ml19 ounces is equal to 561.8965 Milliliters
20 oz591.47 ml20 ounces is equal to 591.47 Milliliters
21 oz621.0435 ml21 ounces is equal to 621.0435 Milliliters
22 oz650.617 ml22 ounces is equal to 650.617 Milliliters
23 oz680.1905 ml23 ounces is equal to 680.1905 Milliliters
24 oz709.764 ml24 ounces is equal to 709.764 Milliliters
25 oz739.3375 ml25 ounces is equal to 739.3375 Milliliters
26 oz768.911 ml26 ounces is equal to 768.911 Milliliters
27 oz798.4845 ml27 ounces is equal to 798.4845 Milliliters
28 oz828.058 ml28 ounces is equal to 828.058 Milliliters
29 oz857.6315 ml29 ounces is equal to 857.6315 Milliliters
30 oz887.205 ml30 ounces is equal to 887.205 Milliliters
31 oz916.7785 ml31 ounces is equal to 916.7785 Milliliters
32 oz946.352 ml32 ounces is equal to 946.352 Milliliters
33 oz975.9255 ml33 ounces is equal to 975.9255 Milliliters
34 oz1005.499 ml34 ounces is equal to 1005.499 Milliliters
35 oz1035.0725 ml35 ounces is equal to 1035.0725 Milliliters
36 oz1064.646 ml36 ounces is equal to 1064.646 Milliliters
37 oz1094.2195 ml37 ounces is equal to 1094.2195 Milliliters
38 oz1123.793 ml38 ounces is equal to 1123.793 Milliliters
39 oz1153.3665 ml39 ounces is equal to 1153.3665 Milliliters
40 oz1182.94 ml40 ounces is equal to 1182.94 Milliliters
41 oz1212.5135 ml41 ounces is equal to 1212.5135 Milliliters
42 oz1242.087 ml42 ounces is equal to 1242.087 Milliliters
43 oz1271.6605 ml43 ounces is equal to 1271.6605 Milliliters
44 oz1301.234 ml44 ounces is equal to 1301.234 Milliliters
45 oz1330.8075 ml45 ounces is equal to 1330.8075 Milliliters
46 oz1360.381 ml46 ounces is equal to 1360.381 Milliliters
47 oz1389.9545 ml47 ounces is equal to 1389.9545 Milliliters
48 oz1419.528 ml48 ounces is equal to 1419.528 Milliliters
49 oz1449.1015 ml49 ounces is equal to 1449.1015 Milliliters
50 oz1478.675 ml50 ounces is equal to 1478.675 Milliliters
51 oz1508.2485 ml51 ounces is equal to 1508.2485 Milliliters
52 oz1537.822 ml52 ounces is equal to 1537.822 Milliliters
53 oz1567.3955 ml53 ounces is equal to 1567.3955 Milliliters
54 oz1596.969 ml54 ounces is equal to 1596.969 Milliliters
55 oz1626.5425 ml55 ounces is equal to 1626.5425 Milliliters
56 oz1656.116 ml56 ounces is equal to 1656.116 Milliliters
57 oz1685.6895 ml57 ounces is equal to 1685.6895 Milliliters
58 oz1715.263 ml58 ounces is equal to 1715.263 Milliliters
59 oz1744.8365 ml59 ounces is equal to 1744.8365 Milliliters
60 oz1774.41 ml60 ounces is equal to 1774.41 Milliliters
61 oz1803.9835 ml61 ounces is equal to 1803.9835 Milliliters
62 oz1833.557 ml62 ounces is equal to 1833.557 Milliliters
63 oz1863.1305 ml63 ounces is equal to 1863.1305 Milliliters
64 oz1892.704 ml64 ounces is equal to 1892.704 Milliliters
65 oz1922.2775 ml65 ounces is equal to 1922.2775 Milliliters
66 oz1951.851 ml66 ounces is equal to 1951.851 Milliliters
67 oz1981.4245 ml67 ounces is equal to 1981.4245 Milliliters
68 oz2010.998 ml68 ounces is equal to 2010.998 Milliliters
69 oz2040.5715 ml69 ounces is equal to 2040.5715 Milliliters
70 oz2070.145 ml70 ounces is equal to 2070.145 Milliliters
71 oz2099.7185 ml71 ounces is equal to 2099.7185 Milliliters
72 oz2129.292 ml72 ounces is equal to 2129.292 Milliliters
73 oz2158.8655 ml73 ounces is equal to 2158.8655 Milliliters
74 oz2188.439 ml74 ounces is equal to 2188.439 Milliliters
75 oz2218.0125 ml75 ounces is equal to 2218.0125 Milliliters
76 oz2247.586 ml76 ounces is equal to 2247.586 Milliliters
77 oz2277.1595 ml77 ounces is equal to 2277.1595 Milliliters
78 oz2306.733 ml78 ounces is equal to 2306.733 Milliliters
79 oz2336.3065 ml79 ounces is equal to 2336.3065 Milliliters
80 oz2365.88 ml80 ounces is equal to 2365.88 Milliliters
81 oz2395.4535 ml81 ounces is equal to 2395.4535 Milliliters
82 oz2425.027 ml82 ounces is equal to 2425.027 Milliliters
83 oz2454.6005 ml83 ounces is equal to 2454.6005 Milliliters
84 oz2484.174 ml84 ounces is equal to 2484.174 Milliliters
85 oz2513.7475 ml85 ounces is equal to 2513.7475 Milliliters
86 oz2543.321 ml86 ounces is equal to 2543.321 Milliliters
87 oz2572.8945 ml87 ounces is equal to 2572.8945 Milliliters
88 oz2602.468 ml88 ounces is equal to 2602.468 Milliliters
89 oz2632.0415 ml89 ounces is equal to 2632.0415 Milliliters
90 oz2661.615 ml90 ounces is equal to 2661.615 Milliliters
91 oz2691.1885 ml91 ounces is equal to 2691.1885 Milliliters
92 oz2720.762 ml92 ounces is equal to 2720.762 Milliliters
93 oz2750.3355 ml93 ounces is equal to 2750.3355 Milliliters
94 oz2779.909 ml94 ounces is equal to 2779.909 Milliliters
95 oz2809.4825 ml95 ounces is equal to 2809.4825 Milliliters
96 oz2839.056 ml96 ounces is equal to 2839.056 Milliliters
97 oz2868.6295 ml97 ounces is equal to 2868.6295 Milliliters
98 oz2898.203 ml98 ounces is equal to 2898.203 Milliliters
99 oz2927.7765 ml99 ounces is equal to 2927.7765 Milliliters
100 oz2957.35 ml100 ounces is equal to 2957.35 Milliliters

Relationship Between Ounces to ML

The relationship between ounces to ml is actually very easy to understand. The main thing to remember is that there are 29.5735 ML in one ounce. Keeping this in mind, you can also determine how many ounces there are in a cup. Further, 1 ML can also be broken down into 0.03 ounces. Once you get a hang of this relationship between ounces to ml, it will be every asy for you to convert these two units.

FAQ's about Ounces to ml Conversion

Q1. How to calculate ounces to ML?

You have to multiply the figure in ounces by 29.5735 for this purpose.

Q2. What is the formula for converting ounces to ML?

The formula is as follows- ML = Ounces * 29.5735.

Q3. How many ounces in 1 ML?

1 ML contains 0.03 ounces.

Q4. What are ounce and ML used for?

Ounce is used for measuring volume, weight and mass while ML is used for measuring capacity or volume.

Akhil Pillai A quick and constant learner, Akhil can bring off any niche in demand with his expertise in simplifying the complex. He believes in focusing on what's missing, rather than adoring what's in his bag.When he is not busy typing away, he likes to spend his time watching his favourite football team; Arsenal! Being a lifelong Michael Jordan fan, he hopes to achieve the dream of meeting his idol one day.
Akhil Pillai A quick and constant learner, Akhil can bring off any niche in demand with his expertise in simplifying the complex. He believes in focusing on what's missing, rather than adoring what's in his bag.When he is not busy typing away, he likes to spend his time watching his favourite football team; Arsenal! Being a lifelong Michael Jordan fan, he hopes to achieve the dream of meeting his idol one day.

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