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  • Inhouse & Experienced Team of Experts
  • Simple to complex property issues
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  • Litigation Services
  • Monitoring and Valuation
Documents Review
Documents Review
  • Recommended for property buyers 
  • Legal documents are reviewed by an in -house expert 
  • Analyses property documents and compliance issues
Sample Report
FREE ₹ 2,500
Legal Power of Attorney
Legal Power of Attorney
  • Gives an attorney-in-charge the authority to act for specific rights 
  • Issued for consideration or interest for a fixed period of time.
  • Incompetent to eliminate the lack of payment capacity
Sample Report
₹ 5,500 ₹ 9,000
Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement
  • A legal contract between a lessor and lessee
  • Constitutes all requisites when a lessor engages with a lessee
  • Allows the lessee to rent a property for a certain period
Sample Report
₹ 2,750 ₹ 10,000
Sale Agreement
Sale Agreement
  • Includes all the regulations about the sale of a property
  • Executed by a developer or a seller
  • Constitutes all financial terms
Sample Report
₹ 5,500 ₹ 15,000
Comprehensive Due Diligence
Comprehensive Due Diligence
  • Analyses the property documents and compliance issues
  • Verifies title search and mortgage checks
  • Used for property valuation reports and verifying documents
Sample Report
₹ 11,000 ₹ 20,000
Property Complaints
Property Complaints
  • Includes assessment of the complaint and the best route to take
  • Sends legal letter to the Developer / Seller for refunds / Settlement
  • Files case in appropriate courts - RERA, Consumer, NCLT, Arbitration
Sample Report
₹ 27,500 ₹ 75,000
Title Search
Title Search
  • Determines Various facets of a property history
  • Helps In assessing the present titleholder
  • Examines public records to confirm ownership of property
Sample Report
₹ 5,500 ₹ 10,000
Litigation Search
Litigation Search
  • Refers to actions contested in court
  • Investigates charges levied on property sellers
  • Deals with active, pending and disposed off cases
Sample Report
₹ 1,650 ₹ 3,000
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One-Stop-Destination for Real Estate Asset Management & Diligence

Inhouse Experts

Legal exparts with 3-6 years' experience in real estate, worked in leading law firm to deliver issues

Simple to Complex Issues

From vetting - drafting - complaints - notice - wills all under one roof including support with establish firms

Cost Efficient

We are sure to deliver the best services in cheapest cost, while many things are standardised, we ensure to deliver service in a personalised manner

Improve your experience in Management, Property Insights & Marketing

A structured and centralized single-source-of-the-truth for your real estate portfolio.


Q1. Why do I need services and how frequently?

Ans. Services are typically taken while one is buying, selling, renting the property, complaints with developer, at the time of pre possession, refurbishment or change of house, disputes, certifications, diligence, etc. There is no frequency and they are “On Demand” services

Q2. Does legal service given by lawyers? How credible are they?

Ans. All legal support services are given by in-house lawyers with experience and apt education background for all administrative requirements. While we take litigation request but work with an empanelled law firm to represent the case. The opinion given can be used in any court of law.

Q3. Can I get a refund if am not satisfied with any services?

Ans. Absolutely yes. We recommend to go through our Refund Policy for the same. We are till date zero percentage claims for refund. Many times the service request takes time to deliver due to external factors which are not in control, so time taken for the service cannot be a factor of refund. In case of refund request, a senior member gets involved to sort the issue and get to a resolution Refund Policy

Q4. Do we need any license to deliver legal, technical, valuation or facility services?

Ans. We donot require any license at company level, but most professionals have their qualification to deliver services. We donot do any certifications but get our empanelled partner at a small cost, if required.

Q5. Are valuation services credible? What if I don’t agree with the valuation?

Ans. The valuation are done in two manner, desktop valuation by inhouse team and other option is to do it through our empanelled registered valuers. In both cases there is credible data to prove the valuation. In our experience difference in valuation expectation can happen only on agriculture lands or open land or building outside municipal limits, due to unorganised data source.

Q6. How much time does it take to get services?

Ans. Each service is unique and personalised and typically take 7-14 working days to get delivered. Lot depends on the information from clients to start the request, post which major external factors define the delivery of services. We give estimate time of each service. We have seen less than 10% cases where the service was not delivered on time. These services shoot their timeless to additional 7-14 days.

Q7. Is there an escalation matrix which I can take?

Ans. Yes every service request has 2 escalation matrix and the email ids are given in every service request under process.

Q8. What is the cost matrix on, carpet or built up area?

Ans. All cost matrix is on carpet area, this way we ensure you are only charged for what you are using.

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