Land Survey Number: Guide to Check Your Land Details Online


If you want to acquire a property in India, you ought to know the land survey number to avoid legal complications.

Due to its cheaper upkeep, better resale value, varied uses, and lower investment cost compared to built structures, the land is considered to be a popular investment option for Indian real estate purchasers.

However, risk and reward are inextricably linked, and land is no exception. Because of the large numbers of fraudulent operations in this industry, it is crucial to grasp the importance of survey numbers.

What is a Land Survey Number?

Local governments or revenue officers issue a unique number to each portion of land in their city as a part of their record-keeping for tax purposes. The number serves as the land's identification and is known by the name of the land survey number. The use of land survey numbers is to gain access to property data such as the land shape, area, location, neighbourhood, and ownership rights.

The data is assimilated by tax officials in each state after a comprehensive investigation of the land site, and then the government provides the land survey number. In Maharashtra, for instance, the land survey number is assigned by the Superintendent of Land Records and the Taluka Inspector of Land Records.

How Can a Buyer Benefit from a Land Survey Number?

When registering property, the land survey number is one of the information that must be provided in the form. However, this is only one example of how this number may be used.

More significantly, the land survey number aids a potential buyer in inspecting and comprehending the specifics of the land he/she wishes to purchase. This number can be used by the buyer to obtain information such as:

• What kind of land is it?
• What is its location?
• What is the total number of persons who own it?
• Is it a piece of agricultural land?
• What are its boundaries?
• What additional plots exist in the vicinity of this one, and who owns them?

By receiving answers to these questions, the purchaser may be able to avoid any future difficulties with the transaction.

An example will help you understand this better. Let's say you come across a seller who owns a piece of agricultural land on the outskirts of the city. Since non-farmers are unable to own agricultural property in India, therefore, it becomes necessary to modify the land use in order for a non-farmer to acquire this land. If the seller has hidden that essential information from you, you may find yourself in a lot of difficulty down the road. You can find out what sort of land it is by looking up the land survey number details online.

The same may be said for land ownership. Numerous individuals co-own land that is passed down through generations, and the permission of each of them is required for the transaction to be legally valid. An individual seller would have no chance of deceiving you if you have acquired information about all of the co-owners by reviewing the land records.

Consider the following factors before making a property purchase:

• Check the original documents for authenticity.
• Verify the authorized building plans in the case of an existing structure.
• Obtain a certificate of encumbrance from the registrar.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining the Land Survey Number?

The number of the land survey is stated on the sale deed. You may discover the land survey number by going to the official website of the state where the property is located. For example, the official website for the state of Andhra Pradesh is; for Haryana it is, and so forth. If this fails to work, you can go to the municipality's office and meet the authorities to get the information you need about the land survey number. Certain governments have created smartphone apps to make land information more accessible. For instance, in the state of Karnataka, the Dishank app may be used to collect land-related data.

What Method Can be Used for Verifying the Land Survey Number?

Cross-checking the land survey number on the sale deed with what's mentioned on the property tax bill is a good way to ensure. If there is a mistake, you must notify the local authorities and get it corrected.

The revenue departments of the states are responsible for maintaining these websites. On these websites, one may quickly access data on the land survey number by following a simple procedure.

State Website
Arunachal Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Westb Bengal

How Can You Verify Land Details Using a Survey Number in Kerala?

To find how to access land records online in Kerala, go to website - the state's official land records portal. The state government has implemented an online system for documenting and verifying land records. Kerala property owners must register on the site in order to access any land-related information. Follow the instructions below:

• Go to the right corner of the screen and click on the sign-up option.
• Click to fill in the name, email address, phone number, and other information.
• You must create a password for your account by adhering to the restrictions listed on the page.
• To create an account and see land survey records, insert the Captcha code and select the register option.

To find land details by survey number and old survey records, go to the official portal's home page and look for the search option, and then click on it. To search your old survey records, go to the next page and select old survey records. Choose the map and register type by checking the box, then input the district, village, taluka, block number, and survey number. Next, submit to access the records. Furthermore, in the Thiruvananthapuram Central Office, all old land records of Kerala are physically preserved.

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How Can You Verify Land Details Using a Survey Number in Telangana?

You must follow the procedures below to verify the land details by survey number in Telangana:

• Go to the website.
• In the menu, select "(IM1) Land Details Search".
• Choose your District, Mandal, and Village.
• Choose your Khata number, survey number, or subdivision number.
• Click the “Fetch” option after entering the number for which you require information.

Land Survey Number Telangana

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How Can You Verify Land Details Using a Survey Number in Tamil Nadu?

Follow the procedures below to check land information in Tamil Nadu using a survey number:

• Visit the official Tamil Nadu land record website at
• Select "View A-Register Extract" from the menu.
• To acquire the needed information, enter the taluk, survey number, ward, block, town, and click submit.

Land Survey Number Tamilnadu

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Where Can I Find a Land Survey Number in Maharashtra?

The following is a step-by-step guide for obtaining the survey number of lands in Maharashtra:

• Visit Mahabhulekh's official webpage at
• You'll notice an option of viewing 7/12 and 8A.
• You will be taken to a new page after selecting your city.
• Now put in the platform's requested information, such as District, Taluka, and Village.
• You'll see that you may search land records using a variety of methods, including survey number/group number, first name, last name, and full name. This is how it works. With the exception of the survey number and group number, you can select any of them.
• After you've entered the information, you'll be able to see the specifics of the land record on your screen. The information provided will reflect the Maharashtra land survey number.

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How Can the Inaccurate Number be Corrected?

If the number on the sale deed is wrong, you must contact the seller, draft a Rectification Deed, and get it stamped and registered.

What Happens When a Villa or Residence is Included in a Project with Multiple Survey Numbers?

In this situation, you must examine the development's nature. If the property is built on a subdivided and authorized plot, then the number of the plot in issue should be considered. On the other hand, if the property owner has an undivided share of the project, then all project documentation must be taken into account.

A Word of Caution to Potential Purchasers

It is your duty to confirm that the land portion you are purchasing has the correct survey number. Verify the land survey number details online and if necessary, pay a visit to the municipal or land revenue department offices. Check if the numbers on the sale deed match the numbers on the assessment order issued by the municipal body, tax revenues, and so forth.

If there is a discrepancy between the number supplied by the sale and the actual land survey available on the government site, the owner must get the necessary changes through a rectification deed.

Another point to keep in mind when purchasing a plot is that such transactions are not covered by real estate law unless you are purchasing a plot in a developer's plot-based project. As a result, it is critical to be cautious and collect as much information as possible about the property using the land survey number.

No developer shall advertise, market, sell or offer for sale, or solicit anyone to acquire any plot, structure, or unit in any real estate project without first registering it with RERA. As a result, prospective purchasers should only invest in RERA-registered plots.

As a result, the land survey number is important for purchasing or selling property, settling legal issues (if any), and planning the development of the surrounding regions. When knowledge is just a click away, you can become a well-informed and smart purchaser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Land Survey Number

Who is in charge of allocating land survey numbers?

The revenue authorities in each state allocate land survey numbers in general.

In Tamil Nadu, how can I obtain my land survey number?

In Tamil Nadu, you can get land survey numbers by visiting the website

What is the land survey number?

A land survey number is a unique number issued to a specific piece of property. This number may be used to find out about the area of the land, its location, who owns it, and so on.

Are there mobile apps available for accessing land-related data?

Several states have created mobile apps that allow people to obtain land-related information on their cellphones, making the procedure easier for them. Users in Karnataka, for instance, may obtain all land-related information by downloading the Dishaank app.

What are the benefits of Land Survey Number?

The following are some of the benefits of having a Land Survey Number:

• It serves as a repository for data on a single parcel of land.
• It helps you, especially when it comes to resolving legal issues over a specific piece of property.
• It serves as a resource for planning the development of neighboring areas.
• It is also useful when selling or registering a piece of property.

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