Glimpses inside Palatial House of JUNIOR NTR: His Heavenly Abode

Jr NTR House

Hailing from a family of legacy in Tollywood, the actor made his presence known with the blockbuster hit RRR. His character, acting skills and simplicity made us famished with his overall personality. He made us realise the value of each bond. At the time when everyone gushed in the hosh-posh of their lives, he presented with perfect solace. 

Yes, we are talking about none other than Jr NTR. 

He is perfectly identical in real life to his character casted in the movie RRR. Junior NTR house is luscious enough to fill us with serenity and calmness. His house is enticed with an air of love, happiness and laughter. The property has alluring spaces, but what makes Jr Ntr's home is his family, who accomplishes it all. 

Jr NTR has a taste for simplicity, and his house speaks it all. The hint of pastels shows how trendy he is. His love for an authentic environment and greenery is not hidden from anyone. His character can be very well reflected in his house and the inside pictures he has shared on Instagram. 

Jr NTR House Cost and Address

Jr NTR home in Hyderabad is located in one of the poshest localities, Jubilee Hills. The locality is a sheer contemplation of class and elegance. The actor also has other real-estate in Karnataka, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The Ntr House Hyderabad has an estimated value of approximately INR 25 Crores.

Now it’s high time to give you a sneak-peek into the Jr NTR house. 

Spacious and Blooming Balcony

Credits: Instagram

The Young Tiger of Tollywood has made us in love with this mushy-mushy picture. He, along with his two sons are, complimenting the simplicity on the balcony. The grills with black colour are in perfect blend with the beige tiles. Diwali decoration has enhanced the soothing and calmness. We can definitely say being trendy doesn’t mean leaving antiquity behind. If you love having old-vibes around, then Jr Ntr House’s balcony is an inspiration. 

A Picturesque Space Resembling Happiness: The Living Area

Credits: Instagram

The warmth and happiness is dripping all over the picturesque living area. If this doesn’t kick you, then what will? This picture is something which can lighten up your mood anytime. It is loaded with yellow and white coloured chairs and can be a go-to corner for a picture-perfect place. The living area has made the living area an instagrammable place. 

 Hue of Icy Blue to Showcase Sophistication yet Serene

Credits: Instagram
Credits: Instagram

Doesn’t the picture say it all? Yes, but let’s still talk about it. This space is truly an inspiration for people who love an open space. The exquisite space has antique and unique designs with a hue of icy blue colour. Icy Blue in the new Black in town or is set by the hero. The place inside has an open verandah with pink colour. It is a sheer resemblance of nostalgia and antique vibes. The actor has great taste when it comes to setting up a place. He has made you fall in love with the place. But there is something more left.

Credits: Instagram

The Greenalicious and Playful Garden Galleria

Credits: Instagram

It’s out now that Jr NTR loves a greenalicious and spacious garden. This is where the actor spends his time with his kid happy time. This is a go-to place for him when he is in not-so-work mode but spends his chill time with family. The place will surely bring you a sense of relaxation and comfort. We are sure that some of you must be inspired to set up a beautiful and serene place with a lot of space to switch to creativity mode.

Credits: Instagram

Other Properties

The actor’s other properties than his NTR house in Hyderabad include a commodious farmhouse. It’s also located in Hyderabad’s Shankarpally Mandal district. The property is based on almost 6 and a half acres on the outskirts of Hyderabad. He named this affluent property ‘Brindavanam’. He presented this farmhouse to his wife, Lakshmi Pranathi, on her birthday as a symbol of love and remembrance. 


Though we all are big fans of Tollywood movies, he has set apart a different stroke for us. He has made us fall in love with his bright-coloured living area, open icy blue space, and whatnot. He has set our standards to make the place spacious yet instagrammable. The place is filled with love and antiquity. You have got to give his bright home decor ideas a try. 

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Where is Jr NTR House located?

Currently, the Jr NTR house is in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, where he lives with his whole family, wife and two kids.

How is Jr NTR so rich?

The amount of Jr NTR is USD 60 million, approximately INR 440 Crore in Indian currency. His main income sources include movies and endorsements of brands. He also takes home the profit share of his movies and his fees for acting.

Who is the wife of Junior NTR?

Jr NTR or Tarak is married to Lakshmi Pranathi. 

What car does Jr NTR have?

Jr NTR has a premium collection of luxury cars like Lamborghini, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW etc. He recently added the Mercedes Benz GLS 350d to his collection. 

Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
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