Jharbhoomi: Jharkhand Land Records & Bhunaksha Online 2023


There is no doubt that the land record concept has progressed over the course of time. The launch of the National Land Records Modernisation Program has altered the way management of property works; it has become more structured and conspicuous. Just like other states, Jharbhoomi hopped on the trend and in collaboration has designed a one-stop platform that is called Jharbhoomi. The chief goal of the bhulekh Jharkhand is to offer details of the Jharkhand land record to the citizens. The mission of Jharbhoomi is to ease the transaction between the landlord and the buyer.

Jharbhoomi Overview

Jharbhoomi is an online platform introduced by the Government of Jharkhand for their citizens for checking the online record of their land. Bhulekh Jharkhand is a new-fangled online platform that promotes the digitization of land records. The common man found it difficult to comprehend Jharkhand land records, and in understanding their rights about the land. Well, this was primarily because of insufficient transparency, corruption, and various other issues associated with the land records of India. These problems were identified by the Government of India and hence, they came up with an initiative to start a National Land Records Modernization Program for digitizing and standardizing Indian land records gradually and systematically.

Under the initiative of the National Land Records Modernization Program, the land records and services related to them were made online. The public experienced the difficulty of running around for various documents for obtaining land and the verification process, hence the Government started the online portal to ease the process. This also educated the general public regarding the land enriching and expanding their knowledge related to possession of the property.

Purpose of Jharbhoomi

An online portal facilitating revenue and registry records, for bringing the change in the land ownership, land transfer, tax, or lagan payment. Jharkhand revenue department and land reforms put forth their online portal Jharbhoomi in collaboration with National Information Centre. The website was developed to provide information related to the land to the state residents. Furthermore, the portal provides extensive features such as Khatian registration services, landscape map records, and land tax online payments.

The Government of India launched a national land records modernization program whose goal is to manage land records, minimizing corruption, property disputes and ensuring transparency in the land records.

  • Maintenance by providing reliable conclusive titles for immovable properties in the country.
  • The enlarged components of the program are land record calculation with mutations, map digitization, textual and spatial data integration.
  • These are inclusive of records of rights that have information like the name of the landholder with dimensions of the plot area and revenue rate of agricultural land and a registered sale deed for the evidence that the property has been sold from one person to the other.

You can access a variety of data and updated information that help prospective investors and buyers about land ownership.

Digitization of land details is an innovation in terms of dealing with land records and understanding the updated information about the land and related documents.

  • The online platform serves the public needs of assessing the information without their physical presence enhancing their comfort and convenience.
  • The information is accessible with a click instead of physically visiting the office that exhausts you if you have any underlying medical condition that may weaken you physically.
  • The online portal is of prime importance for analysing the land value for investment purposes such as gifts, or any other. Moreover providing information regarding the documents for relevant rights of records.
  • For processing the legitimate information that is free from legal consequences and disputes that prevailed before the launch of national land records and modernization.

Digitization is new for many of them who are not tech-savvy, but however, with little interest and navigation, you can access the land details from the comfort of your homes. The legal entity protects the owner from any malfunctioning in a system and fraudulent activities by the people. Bhunaksha Jharkhand can be accessed through this portal. Jharbhoomi naksha is an important factor to know the plot dimensions and understand the boundaries.

Other Details Include

  • Management of Jharkhand land records inclusive of maintaining and updating textual records, maps, surveys, settlement operations, and immovable property registration.
  • The principle that cadastral records mirroring the reality of the ground
  • The principle indicates the title record as a true representation of the ownership status, the mutation is automated and is automatically followed by registration and reference to the records being unnecessary.
  • Land transfer for schemes and projects
  • Digitization of revenue and registry records
  • Online mutation of land
  • Making it difficult to commit property frauds
  • A land survey is important for planning and construction as they make use of updated technologies, sophisticated GPS, robotic equipment or tools, aerial and terrestrial scanners. An electro-optimal piece of equipment for measuring the land is theodolite.
  • The aim of the portal is to increase the efficiency in land dealings ensuring smooth transactions and amplifying transparency.
  • Technological innovation has revolutionized the evolution of the real estate industry to a new dimension. These technologies have enabled the property views from different angles and perspectives that offer a clear vision to the buyer or investor of the property.
  • The landscape map helped people locate the land with view and clarity of the land.
  • The department of revenue will compensate for any loss to the titleholder.

Benefits Of Checking Your Land Records

  • To check the mutation status, the name changes when the property is transferred from one person to another.
  • To avail credit or loan from the bank
  • To open a bank account
  • Verification of land title during the sale of land and registration property
  • At the time of land bifurcation related to similarity in the land- land records were beneficial in assessing the segregation of the land that appeared similar.
  • The personal and legal purpose related to property distribution among family members, and legal issues such as corruption or other malpractices relating to it.
  • The land records are necessary for people availing loans in case of financial constraints and various other concerned activities.
  • Difficulty experienced by landowners in moving around physically for the land information.
  • Physical data manipulation led to increasing fraudulent activities.
  • A serpentine queue for landowners relating to land information and transaction led to the creation of a website for convenience, comfort, and transparency.
  • The portal made accessibility easier for the public.

The purpose of checking land records helped a person for financial considerations such as taking loans from the bank and verifying the sale and registration of the property, by easing the general public's access and health by freeing them from their physical presence. To keep a check on fraudulent activities that recurred due to mishandling of the land. Jharbhoomi Jharkhand gives a clear picture of every land document that falls under the jurisdiction of the Jharkhand State government.

Additional Benefits of the Bhunaksha Jharkhand

  • Allows the payment of land taxes online
  • Easy access to the farmers, landowners, investors by providing information.
  • An essential service for people who are planning to buy land in the rural areas of Jharkhand for verification of information through the portal provided by the landowner.
  • The objective of the bhulekh Jharkhand website is to obtain information pertaining to land records in Jharkhand.
  • The efficiency of the Jharkhand land record management system in maintaining transparency with information access.
  • The online Jharkhand Bhoomi portal provides services such as online land mutation, online land transfer, online tax payment, revenue digitization.
  • Survey numbers are given for the identification and differentiation of that particular land from other similar lands. A platform for interaction between the investors, buyers, and those who want to know about the Jharbhoomi land records and information.

Land Survey through Technological Innovations

The major land surveys of Jharbhoomi Jharkhand include for construction purposes or engineering – Geodetic, boundary or land, geodetic which uses aerial and satellite for estimating major earth portions.

The boundary of the Property

Boundaries: The location of the property line. A land survey is valid for 10 years to be abided by a surveyor who will be responsible for it. A theodolite is a survey tool that measures horizontal and vertical angles between the points. The befitting survey equipment assures accurate results that are liable.

Property Survey

The property is surveyed to ensure there is no encroachment of your property and that the boundaries of the property line are assessed for further disputes on the dimensions of the property along with being beneficial for investment protection that depicts the accurate land dimensions and the property. Jharkhand land record holds land’s geological information such as shape and size of the land with the soil variety and economic information related to irrigation and crops.

The land alignment and visibility in different angles and directions are visible through various technologies that make it easier to visualize a land digitally, simplifying the process of locating the property. The boundary is a line of the property specifying it is within certain limits in order to prevent encroachment and many other corrupted practices.

How to Check Jharkhand BhuNaksha Online?

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step procedure to check Jharbhoomi Naksha online:

  • Visit the official portal of Jharkhand bhunaksha.
  • Select your district, halka, and mauza details from the available options.
  • Now click on the plot number to choose a specific plot.
  • Next to this, click on the ‘Map Report’ available within the “Plot Info” section.

Jharkhand's Bhunaksha Process of Downloading and Printing

As a citizen of Jharkhand or farmer, you might require a land map at a certain point, especially for revenue activities. Earlier, the citizens had to visit the government office in person to obtain a field map. But with the presence of Jharbhoomi bhunaksha online, you can avail it from the comforts of your home.

To obtain it, open the Bhunaksha by visiting the official government portal. Enter the required details to extract the map. On the displayed screen, you will see the download and print option. If you want to download the map, click on ‘Download’ else, click on ‘Print.’

Check BhuNaksha Jharkhand on Jharbhoomi App

To view the BhuNaksha, you don't have to visit the official portal anymore as the state government has developed the Jharbhumi app for it. You can download and use this with a tap of a finger via your smartphone. Count it as a more convenient option to get land-associated details. All you have to do is, visit ‘Playstore’ and in the search query, type Jharbhoomi and install the app.

Types of Lands for Sale in India

Residential Land

A plot of empty land is used for house construction and is bifurcated into different sections. Jharbhoomi Naksha offers every detail on the kind of land and size of the land. Many people prefer an independent house as it provides privacy and a sense of entitlement. Hence, residential land is in demand by many professionals, agricultural workers and many more.

Industrial Land

A plot of land used for industrial setup. These lands are generally larger in size and situated in the outskirts of the city and are thus farther away from the residential property. The industrial setup should be away from the residential premises as they release chemicals that may be harmful to the health of the general public.

Commercial Land

A land categorized for commercial use such as malls, warehouses, showrooms, shops, retail outlets, and many more. These are situated closer to residential areas.

Agricultural Land

In India, 50% of the landmass is used for agricultural purposes, as the economy of India is dependent on agriculture. The number of agricultural spaces is located in the minimally developed belts.

Land Registration Process

  • Estimating the circle rate of the area where the property is located. The circle rate varies based on the property type.
  • Calculating the registration fees and stamp duty of the property
  • Completing the online payment for the registration fees and the stamp duty of the property
  • Make an appointment with sub-registrar's office under the Jurisdiction property,
  • Go to the sub-registrar's office on the appointment date. The buyer, seller, and the two witnesses attest to the property documents with their signatures in the presence of the sub-registrar to complete the final registration process.

Documents Necessary for Land Registrations are:

  • Property description inclusive of area, pin code
  • Property variant such as commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural
  • The ownership details of the land such as purchase, lease gift, and the rest.
  • The details of the property owner such as name, occupation, age.
  • Document for the property proof – the power of attorney and the title deed.

Essential Documents that are Important for Physical Submission are:

  • The duly prepared non-judicial stamp prepared has to be the deal value
  • Each copy of the documents of buyers and sellers must have the passport-sized photograph
  • The value of the stamp duty along with e-stamp paper.
  • Pan card copy
  • E-registration fee with undertaking
  • The ID proof in original for the parties such as buyer and the seller
  • Optional documents such as TDS receipt of the property with a value of more than 50 lakh.
  • History of ownership document if it is a house property

How to Login to Your Account on Jharbhoomi Portal?

Go to the jharbhoomi nic portal jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrirmsmis/.

If you are a new user, you will have to create your account by clicking on the registration and then log in and once your user account is created, follow the instructions given below.

  • Enter your e-mail Id in the box provided for the same
  • Enter your password in the box
  • Enter the security code in the box specified
  • Click on the login button
  • The land information that you want to retrieve will be obtained.
  • The land information will be provided in detail pertaining to the size and the dimensions with measurements, the documents that are important for obtaining the land.
  • The land information obtained helps the person in deciding whether to buy the land, analyze and assess the land-related information.

How to Check Land Records on Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal?

  • Visit the online portal of Jharkhand bhoomi and after that on the left-hand side of the home screen, click on check your account. Then, the website will redirect you to a new page displaying a district map
  • In this step, select your representative district of the map, once you click on the district a new map (jharbhoomi naksha) appears on the new block and then tap the block that you are looking for on the map. Provide the following details.
    • District and Ground Type
    • First, Last or Short Name
    • Choose your respective Mauja
    • Filter the Lounge list

Land records could be manipulated; hence it is important to check land records on Jharbhoomi nic website. Portal, zone and district-provided help people in the vicinity.

How to File a Complaint on Jharbhoomi Land Record Portal?

You can file a complaint by visiting their main website - Jharkhand Bhulekh. On the main website tap on the revenue and land reforms public grievance portal, key in the fields with your complaint and click on submit button. Complaints related to fraudulent activities and mishandling of the property can be reduced by using the Jharbhoomi land record portal. The concerned department enquires about the mishandling and then resolves the issue. If there is a defect in dimension, they compensate you for any defect with genuine consideration of the public.

How to View Khasra Details?

Visit the main bhulekh Jharkhand website, access khasra details by clicking on it. Key-in the required fields with these numbers and click on the register button for completion of the process. As per the government records, a unique identification number is earmarked to a specific land parcel that is known in rural areas. These unique numbers are called khasra numbers in rural areas. It is also a survey number in the village lands. The khasra number is preserved in other states under record rights, well-known as Fard or Jamabandi. Khasra number is basically of prime importance for obtaining information on rural area’s land parcels. The land parcels have many owners. On the other hand, mouza is a kind of administrative district. Jamabandi is a record of rights that are conserved for each village within Tehsil. It has the name of the owners, land area for cultivation, owner shares, and other rights.

Steps to Read Jamabandi

Hadbast number is located on top of Jamabandi (boundary number of revenue village and stipulated time for Jamabandi that is renewed after 4 years, with the mention of the village name, tehsil, and district. Jamabandi’s first column is the khewat number. Khewat number is also a khata number by the officials of revenue owner’s account number rendered that contains a set of co-shares that own the land in similar or different proportions. It is account numbers provided for various owners in the khewat.

The Steps to Check Khasra Details

  • Visit the official website https://jharbhoomi.nic.in /jhrlrmsmis
  • On the left side of the menu, options are displayed
  • Once you click on the necessary option district map is displayed
  • Choose the respective district and the screen will display another block map
  • Choose the required block and redirect to a new page
  • The new page contains a form to fill in the details such as district, last and short name, Meja name, and page number.
  • Tap on a search to view the khasra details
  • Jharkhand's website can be used for online tax payments and to check the application status.

How Do Property Holders Save Tax?

People own a property as a prolonged investment. The property possession before selling is the time to decide tax liability. It is for awareness of the property sale being taxable as it is unknown to many people. The profit received by property selling is capital gain. The capital tax gain is categorized into short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains. If you own a property for a period of less than a year it is the ordinary income tax that you pay depending on your tax bracket.

Long-Term Capital Gain

This is for people who possess the property for 3 years on the basis of the income and tax filing in India. 20% profit from the sale of the property is supposed to be paid by the seller.

The online portal holds the information of every land that is enrolled in the authority of the state in an undisputable and befitting transfer that is hassle-free. The online portal is accessible easily and quickly to different types of land-related documents like mutation certificates, registry, and revenue records, among the rest that are important for buying and selling a property. To maintain these records online follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Land details like owner’s name, land size, type, and previous owners
  • Mutation documents
  • Revenue and registry records
  • Revenue update
  • Tax or lagan payment details
  • Mutation documents are the name change in the documents when it is sold from one person to another.

What is Khatian?

Khatian is a Persian word and is known as a record of rights. It was prepared for the survey of the land. An identifying document of the land. Documents created through the survey of land for the objective of possessing, owning, assessing, land development tax called khatian. A legal entity for the land record.

A land survey is used for assessing the characteristics and boundaries of the property. It is also used for determining easements, encroachments, or to discover how to develop or build on the land and maintain local code and regulations. The legal entity is essential as it prevents dispute among the parties who own the property to those who are buying, and this will ease the transaction between them. The entitlement to a legal entity frees you from any manipulation and is safe for possession.

The boundaries specify the property owner about his legal possession to prevent encroachment. Land surveys have improved the transparency and trust in the general public due to which they are less apprehensive in buying the land. Moreover, they have all the relevant documents and details for assessing and comprehending the information to avoid any future mishaps.

How Can a User Register as a Khatian?

The first one must visit the official website on Jharbhoomi Portal and then they are required to select the “see account and register” option.

Further, you will be directed to the next page which has the KHATIAN option and then you are supposed to enter details that are asked to be furnished which encompasses the name of the district and area, account number and land type. After that, select the KHATIAN option and then register on it.

What is Basically Register II?

In 2020, the state Government directed the officers to upload most of the information in register II. It holds the land details, type, number of jamabandi, khasra and khata. Khata number is the account number that is allotted to the family denoting all the members having the entire landholdings. Khasra's number can be obtained by logging into the official website.

How can one enroll as Register II?

Visit the official Jharbhoomi portal and select the Account and Register II option, choose to Register II and fill in all the details asked and then the third step would be to provide details like the name of the district, type of land and other additional details that are considered important. Once all the details are entered, select the Register II option and you will be registered immediately if all the details mentioned by you match the data on the database of the records.

How is the Jharbhoomi Portal Used For Online Tax Payment?

Click on online lagan on the website home screen and tap on pay online, after entering the necessary details. The user pays the recent land rent by entering the plot number and khata number for revenue registration and land reforms department, Jharkhand Government using credit or debit card or through an online bank account.

These are the steps:

  • Go to jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis
  • Tap on online lagan on the homepage
  • After that, select the ‘pay online’ option
  • Choose appropriate options from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the captcha code and tap on the search button
  • The screen will display the details

Benefits of Jharkhand Land Map

The State government has made the availability of land-associated information easy through the Jharbhoomi Naksha online. Now you can easily access the required information such as Khasra, khatauni, land map, and land record through the official government portal.

  • There is no need to visit multiple government centres to obtain land associated documents.
  • Online availability of maps helps in saving time and effort as there is no need to physically visit the government offices.
  • Facility for printing land documents online.
  • Elimination of corruption and land-related frauds.

How Can One Examine The Application Status Of Jharbhoomi?

First, visit the Jharbhoomi official portal that gives details of Jharkhand land records and click on the option where it shows ONLINE APPLICATION. Then the users can furnish their registered password and email ID and login, but the unregistered users must first register themselves and then continue with the procedures. This is how we can check the application status online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find bhunaksha details for all districts in Jharkhand?

Yes, you can find the bhunaksha details for all 24 districts through the official Jharbhoomi portal.

Can I get Jharkhand naksha information on my mobile?

You can either download the app or can visit the official web portal.

Is there an online availability of land records in Jharkhand?

Yes, the land records in Jharkhand are digitally available on the web with the launch of Jharbhoomi. You get detailed information regarding rural, urban, and details relating to land records.

How to register as a Khatian?

• Visit the official website of Jharbhoomi
• Choose the option of ‘See account and Register II‘ where you are redirected to a new screen
• Choose Khatian and provide the relevant details
• Click on Khatian, once you enter the details

Where do you find relevant land record information for Jharkhand?

You can find the relevant Jharkhand land record information on the website jharbhoomi.nic.in.

How is land measured?

A land survey is the measurement science: a geometry for measuring angles and alignments.
Survey equipment is used for obtaining data for construction projects, the development of the land, and generating accurate maps.

The online portal is for accessing land records for obtaining information relating to possessing the property and land-related relevant documents. The portal has made the general public’s lives easier with quick access to information and the services it provides paving the fulfillment of their desire in procuring the land either for cultivation, or for construction of the residence and commercial purpose, and industrial set up.

The access to updated information like tax payment and land transfers facilitates the easy exchange of land and resources that aid in being beneficial to the parties involved. Jharbhoomi is accommodating for the people of Jharkhand which was otherwise impossible to handle their land-related queries online that substantiated the dealings in an amicable manner.

Verification of tenants is also done because of rising crime and corruption within the city. The fraudulent, anti-social, and criminal activities have put forth the need for tenant verification. The tenant verification assurance for the owner that the tenant is devoid of any criminal offence.

The portal was to ensure maximum stability in the process of land management and the transparency of prospective investors and buyers along with the need for surveys to prevent any legal issue pertaining to land.

Where can we file the complaint on Jharbhoomi/bhulekh Jharkhand?

One can file the complaint by visiting the main Jharbhoomi website: jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrirmsmis/
One must tap on the public grievance portal and select the field COMPLAINT option and submit all the necessary details.

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