EPFO Registration

EPFO Registration

The process of registration is mandatory for an employer to follow. This is because they deduct Tax Deduction at Source or TDS from the salary of the employee. Therefore, before even enrolling oneself under the registration process, the user is required to create an account. Any organization or a company that consists of more than a total of 20 employees are required to enroll for the PF registration.
The organisations that consist of employees less than that of 20 can still enroll themselves for the EPF registration voluntarily. But the central government has made it mandatory for all organisations consisting of 20 employees to enroll themselves for the EPF registration within 2 months of meeting this number. Both the employee and employer need to contribute 12% on the basic salary of the employee that will be added to the EPF account of the employee. On the other hand, if the organisation consists of employees less than 20 then the contribution of the employer will be 10%.

EPF Registration Online Process

A user to enroll themselves under the EPF registration process can choose either register themselves through the offline or online mode. But considering that today, all the procedures are preferred to be completed through the online mode of registration. Therefore, the form for the same can be downloaded from the EPFO website.
Below are some of the details that are required by the employers to submit or provide while registering themselves.

  1. Name of the Company
  2. Address of the Company
  3. Details about the Head Office
  4. Details about its branch
  5. Date of the Incorporation
  6. Registration of the company
  7. All the details of the employee
  8. Total Strength or number of employees
  9. The type of business (this could be manufacturing, services, production, etc.)
  10. Mention all the legal details of the company (this include whether the company is a private or a public firm, whether it’s a partnership or works as per society)
  11. Details about the owner (this includes the address of the directors and the partners with designation of the directors and the partners)
  12. All the details regarding the wage component of your employees (this includes the wages that are initiated during the month)
  13. Bank details of the bank that is associated with the company
  14. PAN card details
  15. All the employee related details such as name, D.O.J, salary)

‘Proforma for Coverage’ is a form that is required for a user to fill during the process of registration. Along with this form, the user is also supposed to submit the 5A form and Annexure 1.

Steps to be Followed for EPFO Registration by Employers

Below are some steps mentioned that are required for an employer to follow for the process of EPFO registration.
Step 1: The employer is first requested to visit the ‘EPFO’s official website’
Link: https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php
Step 2: As soon as you click on the above link and land on the homepage on the right top corner, you will find a tab named ‘Establishment Registration’.
Step 3: Click on the same. This will direct you to the next page, i.e., https://registration.shramsuvidha.gov.in/user/register , this link will help you to download the manual which the user can go through before starting with the process of registration.
Step 4: Once, you are through with the manual click on ‘Sign Up’ and proceed.
Step 5: The sign-up option will first require you to fill in some necessary details, these details are as followed:

  • Name of the User
  • Email Address of the User
  • Contact Number
  • Verification Code

(Note: All these details are mandatory for a user to fill in order to create their own account)
Step 6: As soon as you fill in all the information and sign up, you will find an option ‘Registration for EPFO-ESIC’ click on the same and proceed.
Step 7: The user will find an option of ‘Apply for New Registration’. This option will further have two other options namely ‘Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952’ and ‘Employees State Insurance Act, 1948’. The user can go through the information for both the options and finally click on ‘Submit’.
Step 8: This page that you see in front of you requires you to fill in all the information regarding the employer such as:

  • Information about Establishment
  • Details about the Contact Person
  • eContacts details
  • Details of Employment
  • Identifiers Information
  • Information about the workers
  • Division Activities
  • Branch Activities

All the necessary information or details are supposed to be mentioned in the section that is displayed with the red asterisk.
Step 9: The user can view the summary of its registration on its dashboard.
Step 10: Click on ‘Submit’ and enroll yourself for the process of registration.
Step 11: Once you are through with the enrolment, the next step is for the employer’s DSC or Digital Signature Certificate registration. This is mandatory for all the new users of the EPFO registration.
Step 12: Once the DSC registration is completed, the user will receive an email from the Shram Suvidha along with a message of registration completion.

EPFO Registration Eligibility

No matter which type of organization you work in, an environment and surrounding is determined by the employees that are working in the organization. This is the reason it is really important that the employee is served best of its cares and related benefits. Therefore, EPF also known as Employees Provident Fund was initiated by the EPFO also known as ‘Employees Provident Fund Organization’ because of the provident funds & miscellaneous Act, that was initiated in the year 1952.

This program was initiated to provide social security advantages to the employees of the organization that helps in building a stronger bond between the employee and the employer. But to enjoy the benefits, the employers are required to follow some set of regulations as part of their first step towards the registration.

Some of These Rules and Guidelines are as Follows:

  • The company that holds at least 20 members is supposed to register the company’s name within the time span of 1 month, starting from the date that they attained this strength. In case the company gets delayed in doing so, then will be charged a penalty on the same.
  • The cooperative sectors are supposed to register themselves in case the company crosses its strength of 50 or more. They will still be under the rules and regulations of this even if at some point the count of the employee or the staff reduces to its specified minimum requirement.

Documents Required for EPFO Registration Process

A user or an employee is required to submit some documents. The employers should cross check the documents thoroughly before registering themselves under EPF scheme. The list of documents that are required for an employee to submit at the time of the EPF registration are as follows:

  1. A copy of the partnership deed (in case the company is registered as a partnership firm)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation copy for both private and public ltd companies. This copy of certification is issued by ‘Registrar of Companies’.
  3. The society group on the other hand should submit the copy of the registration certificate.
  4. Both the public sector as well as the private sector ltd companies are required to submit the copy of their AOA and memorandum.
  5. The society group is expected to submit the copy of their rules as well as the vision and objective behind the creation of their society.
  6. Submit all the legal documents that are required for a user to submit under Income Tax Act.
  7. PAN card information of the company.
  8. The partition deeds
  9. All the documents related to the proof of the incorporation
  10. The sales invoice
  11. License that is issued by the competent authorities
  12. Details regarding the salary of the employees.
  13. Full details about the balance sheet
  14. PF statement of the employees
  15. Salary statements of the employees
  16. The total count of employees that are working under the organization for that particular month.
  17. A certificate is required for the user to submit in case the organization has registered itself under GST.
  18. Sale Bill
  19. Cancelled Cheque in Cross Direction
  20. All the important bank details like name of the bank, IFSC Code as well as the address of the branch.
  21. List and information about the machinery as well as the raw materials that were purchased for the 1st time.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Register My EPF Account?

A user can easily register his EPF account by visiting the official portal.

How can I Register for a UAN Account?

To register for an UAN account visit the official portal https://www.epfindia.gov.in. and tap on the ‘Activate UAN’ option.

Is EPFO Registration Mandatory?

Any organization that consists of 20 or more than 20 employees are bound to register themselves under the EPF registration scheme.

How can I know My PF Balance with the Help of My UAN Number?

A user is supposed to give a missed call on 011-22901406 from their registered UAN contact number and the user will then immediately get their PF details on the same contact number.

What is PF Account Number?

A PF account number is provided to the employees to check their EOF status and check their EPF account balance. It is also considered important for the purpose of withdrawing balance from the Employee Provident Fund.


Tamanna Shivhare An exceptional writer who can connect with her writing is what Tamanna always wanted to be. The journey of writing was simply a step to present her best self and thoughts to the world.Tamanna has a knack for reading blogs and finding more ways in which she can improve and add magic to her writing.
Tamanna Shivhare An exceptional writer who can connect with her writing is what Tamanna always wanted to be. The journey of writing was simply a step to present her best self and thoughts to the world.Tamanna has a knack for reading blogs and finding more ways in which she can improve and add magic to her writing.
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