Emojani: All About Benefits, Procedures and Online Application


During both the Mughal period and Peshwa period, there was nothing as land records. But, at the same time, they used several methods for the land survey in their region. 

The creation of a disciplinary mechanism by the British government was done to make it convenient for the revenue collection and the administration. The disciplinary mechanism was carried out with the use of a cone chain. It was the first time when the record of all the talukas, villages, and districts in Hindustan was created. During this time, a note with the number of each survey was put together.

This note was based upon the material used for the process of mojani, mainly cone chains. At that time the unit acre and Katha were used for land measurement. While calculating Hindustan, a survey number was being given to an area that comprises 25 acres of land. In some cases, areas with more measurements have also been surveyed.

In time, the survey number was divided as the land was allotted to sale and purchase, court orders, brothers, and other similar matters. At the time of the British government, they created a revenue department in the state. The department was created in order to keep the land records up-to-date and maintained.

The duty of the department of land records was to prepare the maps for the allotment of these lands. The maps were prepared according to the operation of the actual site. In the present situation of India, the Department of Land Records is operating under the jurisdiction of the Settlement Commissioner and Director Land Records Pune (M. Rajya).   

Chandrakant Dalvi has been appointed as the settlement commissioner. The mojani program has control over almost every stage from the census filing time to the time the census is disposed of. Under this program, the account holders are facilitated to see the preceding of each case stage from the convenience of their home.   

Emojani - (Electric Approved Measurement Map)

Mojani is the approved measurement map of the land. And e-mojani is the electronic form of approved measurement map of the land one gets from the Bhulekh. This documented map is an important tool for making a land parcel NA. 

Emojani Features

  1. Acceptance of an application for land surveys through the online platform.
  1. Charging of enumeration fees with the help of enumeration schedules.
  1. Agnostic generation of challan for surveys of land.
  1. Register number for the mojani cases is given with the help of algorithms. 
  1. Application receipt along with the emoji date and the surveyor’s name is being given immediately. 
  1. Both applicant and the adjoining occupants get immediate notice through the system of mojani.
  1. This agenda allows the land survey cases to be completed by the land evaluators. 
  1. A survey program for the evaluators has been prepared.
  1. The applicant has access to the status of emojani online application information for the cases of land surveys or can view the application status through the online portal.
  1. The Emojani system helps in the generation of monthly reports. 
  1. The mojani cases are viewed at both the taluka and district levels.

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Benefits of Emojani for Account Holders

  • If the account holder is in the office with Records of Rights (RoR) (7/12) along with information of the concerned holder of the account, their enumeration will get recorded on the desktop computer. Also, the account holder will be given an emojani invoice of ₹ 3000/- or receipt of the same amount at that moment.
  • The census conduction is transparent and based upon the three documents submitted to the office. 
  • After the submission of an enumeration application to the enumeration office and payment of emojani charges in the treasury, an immediate enumeration application will be given to the applicant. The application contains the enumeration date, the employee who will go for emojani, their contact details, and the contact details of the head office.
  • The account holder does not need to go for advice and help for the process of the entire enumeration. Proper calculated emojani online charges will be asked from the account holder.
  • The account holder is receiving swift and rapid services. There is no obligation for settling the case in a decided period of time. It is because the case is being handled using a computerized system in today’s scenario.
  • The account holder will get updates and understand what is going on with their case even sitting at their homes.
  • If the correct information is uploaded, then the account holder will get to understand that the probable fees calculated for the procedure for the case will be subtracted from the agenda.   
  • Comprehensively, the account holder is assured that the proceedings for their case will be done in accordance with the rules. The proceedings for their emojani will be taken out in a timely and transparent manner. 

Benefits of Bhumiabhilekh for Emojani Program

  • The complete control of mojani application and emojani online application received in the enumeration office will be done from the agenda. It will save both time and human labor.
  • This eliminates the possibilities of human errors/human intervention as the enumeration fees are now calculated using the algorithms. The currency is also generated using the algorithms. 
  • Using the algorithms for emojani cases, emojani fees invoice, enumeration application reach, enumeration notice, enumeration application disposal copy, surveyor’s tour program, save time with accurate results.
  • Accurate and objectified monthly progress reports preparation.
  • Agenda controls the mojani cases from each level (division, district, and state). It led to an increase in the efficiency of the office.
  • As the emojani cases are now controlled by the agenda, planning for the settlement of mojani cases has become easier and in a timely manner.  
  • Because of the e-mojani algorithm, the zero latency mantra is evolving to become a successful algorithm. The zero latency is based upon the fundamentals of account governance with the people.

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EMojani Current Procedures

In case of any disputes or doubts regarding the land boundary, account holders or farmers have the right to apply to the Office of Town Survey Officer or Deputy Superintendent of taluka level of Land Records to resolve their issues and permanent calculation of the land boundaries. The procedure for resolving the issues till 31st December 2021 was as follow (till the receiving of maps and counting of application):

  • After the applicant visits the taluka office, he will be asked to show the records of authority (7/12) of the land that he wants to be surveyed. The fee along with the required documents for the survey of the land will be conducted in the office of the head office assistant.
  • According to the details, after the applicant has agreed to pay the fee for enumeration, the staff from the enumeration headquarters will prepare a challan for the amount submitted in three copies and will give it to the applicant.
  • The applicant will have to pay the fees directly to the Treasury branch of the State Bank of India or the treasury itself. They need to bring one challan to the emojani office too.
  • The office will file for the application of enumeration, the right record (7/12), and the invoice paid along with the record’s copy.
  • After the application has been received, the clerk will be recording the application filed in the register of enumeration. They will also submit the application to the surveyor of land for the enumeration in office.
  • Then, the surveyor will send a notice for the enumeration application that tells the date of enumeration (as per the convenience of the surveyor). The surveyor will visit the location on the actual date of the survey. They will count the original, individual records. The record should show the marks of boundaries. Later, the surveyor will make a copy of the records and submit them to the enumeration case office. 
  • In such submitted cases to the enumeration office, necessary scrutiny takes place. After the completion of scrutiny, the Deputy Superintendent of Land Records signs a copy of the map and provides it to the applicant.

In the emojani process mentioned above, the important question that falls on the citizen is the fee for the enumeration process, day and time of the enumeration process, who is going to visit for enumeration, etc. The authorities have provided a computerized solution protocol to the money of account holders, time wasting, and mental anguish is created by proving ‘Emojani’. The emojani online has given satisfaction to the farmers by providing transparency and flexibility in the work of the government.

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Bhavya Mishra Bhavya is a content writer who adores every aspect of writing. She aims to reach her creative goals one day at a time. She is a writer in the day and a reader in the night.
Bhavya Mishra Bhavya is a content writer who adores every aspect of writing. She aims to reach her creative goals one day at a time. She is a writer in the day and a reader in the night.
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