Common Problems with Passport and Ways to Solve It


Applying for a passport comes with different emotions, such as visiting someone, going on a honeymoon or even joining a foreign firm. Although applying for a passport is not tedious, common passport issues can arise anytime. Some of those are preventable, like filling incorrect information in an application, but some are not preventable, like if there is a delay in shipping. Apart from these, there can be a problem with your eligibility to get a passport, like if the applicant has certain legal issues etc. 

If you choose a third-party service to facilitate the passport, some extra charges are attached to it to obtain the passport in a shorter time. So, just ensure that you have all the documents arranged in order and updated to receive the passport in a shorter span than usual.

That way it will come in handy if you’re well-versed with some common passport problems, which can end up in unnecessary hassle. Nobody wants to delay a trip or the joining process because of common passport issues.

For your convenience, some common passport problems are accumulated masterfully in the article below.

Passport Problem Types


Some common passport problems can be handled beforehand to prevent rejection of your passport application

Documentation is Incomplete

For the documentation process, a compiled list of necessary documents is published by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, on their official website. If you fail to follow it, your application will be rejected instantly. So, it is advisable to match the documents with the list firsthand.

Details Filled Incorrectly

Before filling out the application form, it’s advisable to review the mentioned instructions thoroughly. If in case, the information filled in the application comes out to be wrong, the chances certainty of the application getting rejected isgets higher.

Forgetting to Book an Advance Slot

It is imperative to find and book a slot You must fill out slot availability in advance when you go for the passport application process  If you fail to do so, you might not be able to get into the scheduled date, and the process of completing passport verification will be delayed. 

Authorisation Letters Missing

Some parties invoke authorisation letters to authenticate your candidature for the process of passport formation. And if you fail to acquire any of them from a third party, the verification will not be completed, and thus, the process of the passport will be delayed. And in due time, your application will be rejected.

Sketchy Signature

There might be a case where your signature does not match with previous signatures. The chances of your application getting rejected due to faulty signatures are higher. 

Faulty Proof of Travel

As per your travel history, you might be marked as a defaulter by the country you visited. So, that might be reflected in your application when you apply for a passport. This faulty travel history will land your application in the zone of getting rejected.

Photo Resolution not as Per Requirement

When attaching a passport-size photograph on the application form, specific resolutions are mentioned. If it fails to match the resolution, the application will be rejected.

Photocopies of Documents are Missing

When you send in the documents, some of them need to be sent in copies. But, when the authorities open the sealed envelope and fail to find the important documents with their copies, your application will be rejected. It is vital that photocopies of all required documents are attached with the forms.

Charges of Application

Certain charges are attached to applying for a passport. The charges may vary depending on the type of services you selected, like if it’s a Tatkal Passport, you’re an adult or a minor, or you are applying for a fresh or renewable passport. Your application will be rejected if you fail to make the required amount per the passport type and requirements. 

Failed to make Loan Repayments

If you have taken any loan from an institution and failed to repay it back, it will directly reflect at the time of your verification process. And your application will be instantly rejected, making you a defaulter.

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Under this segment, the common passport issues which can’t be checked out sooner are registered, but you can still keep a tab to prevent yourself from falling under this category. 

Criminal Charges

Your application will be rejected instantly when an arrest warrant is issued in your name (guilty or convicted). The passport authority will instantly reject your passport application.

Failed in Police Verification

During the verification process, your passport application will be rejected if your profile fails to meet the required police clearance. You will then need to reapply and follow the necessary steps. 

Miscellaneous Reasons

There might be a case that, as an applicant, you are non-faulty, but your passport application still gets rejected. The authorities may find you an untrustworthy individual owing to a lack of appropriate documentation or miscellaneous reasons.

Things to Keep in Mind for Passport Rejection

If the passport application was rejected due to a lack of police verification, you have three days to rectify this error and reapply again. You can even file your grievance with the RPO in case you don't agree with the cause of application rejection. The appropriate authority will then do a formal investigation and address it as soon as possible.  

And if you can treat these errors as a checklist, your application, in that case, has a higher chance of being accepted. You have to ensure that you check all the necessary documents and don't make any errors while submitting the form, and your application will then be approved without any issues.


Though one can never be too sure about putting everything in order when applying for a passport, this piece may be a guide to assist you in keeping certain steps in check and preventing your passport application from getting rejected. You need not delay your planned trip or join a foreign firm. All these preventable reasons for passport application rejection will help in hassle-free passport approval.

FAQ's about Common Passport Issue

Q1. What are the reasons for passport rejection?

There can be multiple reasons for passport rejection like inadequate or incorrect information in the application, missing documents, application fees not being filled, not booking an appointment beforehand, criminal history, failure in police verification etc.

Q2. How can I rectify any passport information errors?

If there is some data or printing error in the passport, you must complete Form No. DS-5504. Submit the passport with one coloured passport-size photo and evidence of any errors. It is imperative to carry your birth certificate or 10th mark sheet as evidence for verification. There are no extra charges for the same.

Q3. Why is it so difficult to get a passport now?

It is difficult to get a passport now because of lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the offices were shut, so all the applicants cumulatively applied together in bulk. And individuals who wanted to apply for the passport renewal process couldn’t during the pandemic and applied this year, causing a heavy rush in passport applications.

Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
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