1 Centimeters to Feet (cm to ft) Conversion, 1 cm is 0.03280 ft

1 Centimeter is equal to 0.03 Feet

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Gone are the days when unscientific methods were used for measuring objects and distance. Today, you can not only compare but also convert measurement units to determine which one is on the heavier side. All you need to do is make use of Square Yards’ online calculator and you get an answer within seconds. However, to get into the depth of these measurement units, you need to understand their history, definition and relationship. In this article, we have covered two measuring units i.e., centimetre and feet. Scroll down to read more about the two measuring units and how to convert centimeters to feet.    

Centimeters (CM) Definition

A centimeter is scientifically defined as the distance travelled in a vacuum by light within 1/299,792,458 seconds. It is a length measurement unit in the metric system and is abbreviated as “cm”. If you wish to get an idea about the thickness of a centimeter, you can take a look at a standard pencil which is 1 cm thick. 

Current Use of Centimeter

Other than measuring length or distance, centimeter is used to measure rainfall through a rain gauge. In the CGS (centimetre-gram-seconds) system, a centimeter is used when gauging the capacitance wherein 1 cm is equivalent to 1.113x10-12 farads.

History of Centimeter

The word “Centimeter” is derived from and is a mixture of the French word “Mètre” and the Latin word “Centum’. It is a part of the first metric system that was established in 1799 during the French Revolution. Since the old measurement system became impractical for trading, a new metric system was introduced to replace it. That is when the meter came into existence, followed by a centimeter. Except for the USA, a centimeter is spelt as ‘centimetre’ in countries across the globe.  

Feet Definition

Under the British Imperial and US Customary system, a foot is defined as a length measurement unit. One foot is equivalent to 30.48 cm and the abbreviation used for the foot is ‘ft’. 

History of Feet

The foot has been used as a measurement unit in varied local systems including the English, Roman, Greek and Chinese. Back then, however, it varied in value from country to country or  city to city. It was only in 1959 that a foot was defined exactly as 0.3048 meters under the International Yard and Pound Agreement.

Current Use of Feet

Feet is generally used for measuring height, altitude and elevation. In the UK and the USA, people also measure their height in feet and describe their height in feet such as “I am 6 feet tall”. Even the road signs in both these nations are in feet and inches. 

Relationship between Centimeters and Feet

Feet and centimeter are two distinct measurement units. They are used for completely different purposes but also share a relationship with one another. Understanding this relationship is a tad bit complex, especially when you are dealing with these measurement units for the first time. So, to make things easier, we’ve listed their relationship below:

1 foot = 30.48 centimeters

1 centimeter = 0.0328084 feet 

Keeping these values in mind will help you convert cm to feet easily. 

Difference Between Centimeters to Feet

Now that you have an idea about the relationship between centimeters and feet, let’s discuss their differences. They are both used as length measurement units but have some major differences. A few of them are as follows:

Basis of Differentiation  Centimeters Feet
Definition A Centimeter is a length measurement unit in the metric system, which is 1/100th of a Meter. It is written as Centimetre in British English.  The foot is also a length measurement unit used in both U.S. customary measurement and in the British Imperial system where it represents 1/3rd of a yard and is subdivided into 12 inches.
Abbreviation cm ft
Use Other than measuring length and distance, a centimeter is also used as a measurement unit for rainfall in some regions.  A foot or feet are basically used for the measurement of altitude, height and elevation. 
Value 1 Centimeter = 0.0328084 feet  1 foot = 30.48 centimeters

Centimeters to Feet Conversion Chart

Go through the conversion chart below to get a better understanding of centimeters to feet conversion. 

Centimeter (cm) Feet (ft) Centimeter (cm) to Feet (ft)
1 Centimeter 0.0328084 Feet 1 Centimeter is equal to 0.0328084 Feet
2 Centimeter 0.0656168 Feet 2 Centimeter is equal to 0.0656168 Feet
3 Centimeter 0.0984252 Feet 3 Centimeter is equal to 0.0984252 Feet
4 Centimeter 0.1312336 Feet 4 Centimeter is equal to 0.1312336 Feet
5 Centimeter 0.164042 Feet 5 Centimeter is equal to 0.164042 Feet
6 Centimeter 0.1968504 Feet 6 Centimeter is equal to 0.1968504 Feet
7 Centimeter 0.2296588 Feet 7 Centimeter is equal to 0.2296588 Feet
8 Centimeter 0.2624672 Feet 8 Centimeter is equal to 0.2624672 Feet
9 Centimeter 0.2952756 Feet 9 Centimeter is equal to 0.2952756 Feet
10 Centimeter 0.328084 Feet 10 Centimeter is equal to 0.328084 Feet
11 Centimeter 0.3608924 Feet 11 Centimeter is equal to 0.3608924 Feet
12 Centimeter 0.3937008 Feet 12 Centimeter is equal to 0.3937008 Feet
13 Centimeter 0.4265092 Feet 13 Centimeter is equal to 0.4265092 Feet
14 Centimeter 0.4593176 Feet 14 Centimeter is equal to 0.4593176 Feet
15 Centimeter 0.492126 Feet 15 Centimeter is equal to 0.492126 Feet
16 Centimeter 0.5249344 Feet 16 Centimeter is equal to 0.5249344 Feet
17 Centimeter 0.5577428 Feet 17 Centimeter is equal to 0.5577428 Feet
18 Centimeter 0.5905512 Feet 18 Centimeter is equal to 0.5905512 Feet
19 Centimeter 0.6233596 Feet 19 Centimeter is equal to 0.6233596 Feet
20 Centimeter 0.656168 Feet 20 Centimeter is equal to 0.656168 Feet
21 Centimeter 0.6889764 Feet 21 Centimeter is equal to 0.6889764 Feet
22 Centimeter 0.7217848 Feet 22 Centimeter is equal to 0.7217848 Feet
23 Centimeter 0.7545932 Feet 23 Centimeter is equal to 0.7545932 Feet
24 Centimeter 0.7874016 Feet 24 Centimeter is equal to 0.7874016 Feet
25 Centimeter 0.82021 Feet 25 Centimeter is equal to 0.82021 Feet
26 Centimeter 0.8530184 Feet 26 Centimeter is equal to 0.8530184 Feet
27 Centimeter 0.8858268 Feet 27 Centimeter is equal to 0.8858268 Feet
28 Centimeter 0.9186352 Feet 28 Centimeter is equal to 0.9186352 Feet
29 Centimeter 0.9514436 Feet 29 Centimeter is equal to 0.9514436 Feet
30 Centimeter 0.984252 Feet 30 Centimeter is equal to 0.984252 Feet
31 Centimeter 1.0170604 Feet 31 Centimeter is equal to 1.0170604 Feet
32 Centimeter 1.0498688 Feet 32 Centimeter is equal to 1.0498688 Feet
33 Centimeter 1.0826772 Feet 33 Centimeter is equal to 1.0826772 Feet
34 Centimeter 1.1154856 Feet 34 Centimeter is equal to 1.1154856 Feet
35 Centimeter 1.148294 Feet 35 Centimeter is equal to 1.148294 Feet
36 Centimeter 1.1811024 Feet 36 Centimeter is equal to 1.1811024 Feet
37 Centimeter 1.2139108 Feet 37 Centimeter is equal to 1.2139108 Feet
38 Centimeter 1.2467192 Feet 38 Centimeter is equal to 1.2467192 Feet
39 Centimeter 1.2795276 Feet 39 Centimeter is equal to 1.2795276 Feet
40 Centimeter 1.312336 Feet 40 Centimeter is equal to 1.312336 Feet
41 Centimeter 1.3451444 Feet 41 Centimeter is equal to 1.3451444 Feet
42 Centimeter 1.3779528 Feet 42 Centimeter is equal to 1.3779528 Feet
43 Centimeter 1.4107612 Feet 43 Centimeter is equal to 1.4107612 Feet
44 Centimeter 1.4435696 Feet 44 Centimeter is equal to 1.4435696 Feet
45 Centimeter 1.476378 Feet 45 Centimeter is equal to 1.476378 Feet
46 Centimeter 1.5091864 Feet 46 Centimeter is equal to 1.5091864 Feet
47 Centimeter 1.5419948 Feet 47 Centimeter is equal to 1.5419948 Feet
48 Centimeter 1.5748032 Feet 48 Centimeter is equal to 1.5748032 Feet
49 Centimeter 1.6076116 Feet 49 Centimeter is equal to 1.6076116 Feet
50 Centimeter 1.64042 Feet 50 Centimeter is equal to 1.64042 Feet
51 Centimeter 1.6732284 Feet 51 Centimeter is equal to 1.6732284 Feet
52 Centimeter 1.7060368 Feet 52 Centimeter is equal to 1.7060368 Feet
53 Centimeter 1.7388452 Feet 53 Centimeter is equal to 1.7388452 Feet
54 Centimeter 1.7716536 Feet 54 Centimeter is equal to 1.7716536 Feet
55 Centimeter 1.804462 Feet 55 Centimeter is equal to 1.804462 Feet
56 Centimeter 1.8372704 Feet 56 Centimeter is equal to 1.8372704 Feet
57 Centimeter 1.8700788 Feet 57 Centimeter is equal to 1.8700788 Feet
58 Centimeter 1.9028872 Feet 58 Centimeter is equal to 1.9028872 Feet
59 Centimeter 1.9356956 Feet 59 Centimeter is equal to 1.9356956 Feet
60 Centimeter 1.968504 Feet 60 Centimeter is equal to 1.968504 Feet
61 Centimeter 2.0013124 Feet 61 Centimeter is equal to 2.0013124 Feet
62 Centimeter 2.0341208 Feet 62 Centimeter is equal to 2.0341208 Feet
63 Centimeter 2.0669292 Feet 63 Centimeter is equal to 2.0669292 Feet
64 Centimeter 2.0997376 Feet 64 Centimeter is equal to 2.0997376 Feet
65 Centimeter 2.132546 Feet 65 Centimeter is equal to 2.132546 Feet
66 Centimeter 2.1653544 Feet 66 Centimeter is equal to 2.1653544 Feet
67 Centimeter 2.1981628 Feet 67 Centimeter is equal to 2.1981628 Feet
68 Centimeter 2.2309712 Feet 68 Centimeter is equal to 2.2309712 Feet
69 Centimeter 2.2637796 Feet 69 Centimeter is equal to 2.2637796 Feet
70 Centimeter 2.296588 Feet 70 Centimeter is equal to 2.296588 Feet
71 Centimeter 2.3293964 Feet 71 Centimeter is equal to 2.3293964 Feet
72 Centimeter 2.3622048 Feet 72 Centimeter is equal to 2.3622048 Feet
73 Centimeter 2.3950132 Feet 73 Centimeter is equal to 2.3950132 Feet
74 Centimeter 2.4278216 Feet 74 Centimeter is equal to 2.4278216 Feet
75 Centimeter 2.46063 Feet 75 Centimeter is equal to 2.46063 Feet
76 Centimeter 2.4934384 Feet 76 Centimeter is equal to 2.4934384 Feet
77 Centimeter 2.5262468 Feet 77 Centimeter is equal to 2.5262468 Feet
78 Centimeter 2.5590552 Feet 78 Centimeter is equal to 2.5590552 Feet
79 Centimeter 2.5918636 Feet 79 Centimeter is equal to 2.5918636 Feet
80 Centimeter 2.624672 Feet 80 Centimeter is equal to 2.624672 Feet
81 Centimeter 2.6574804 Feet 81 Centimeter is equal to 2.6574804 Feet
82 Centimeter 2.6902888 Feet 82 Centimeter is equal to 2.6902888 Feet
83 Centimeter 2.7230972 Feet 83 Centimeter is equal to 2.7230972 Feet
84 Centimeter 2.7559056 Feet 84 Centimeter is equal to 2.7559056 Feet
85 Centimeter 2.788714 Feet 85 Centimeter is equal to 2.788714 Feet
86 Centimeter 2.8215224 Feet 86 Centimeter is equal to 2.8215224 Feet
87 Centimeter 2.8543308 Feet 87 Centimeter is equal to 2.8543308 Feet
88 Centimeter 2.8871392 Feet 88 Centimeter is equal to 2.8871392 Feet
89 Centimeter 2.9199476 Feet 89 Centimeter is equal to 2.9199476 Feet
90 Centimeter 2.952756 Feet 90 Centimeter is equal to 2.952756 Feet
91 Centimeter 2.9855644 Feet 91 Centimeter is equal to 2.9855644 Feet
92 Centimeter 3.0183728 Feet 92 Centimeter is equal to 3.0183728 Feet
93 Centimeter 3.0511812 Feet 93 Centimeter is equal to 3.0511812 Feet
94 Centimeter 3.0839896 Feet 94 Centimeter is equal to 3.0839896 Feet
95 Centimeter 3.116798 Feet 95 Centimeter is equal to 3.116798 Feet
96 Centimeter 3.1496064 Feet 96 Centimeter is equal to 3.1496064 Feet
97 Centimeter 3.1824148 Feet 97 Centimeter is equal to 3.1824148 Feet
98 Centimeter 3.2152232 Feet 98 Centimeter is equal to 3.2152232 Feet
99 Centimeter 3.2480316 Feet 99 Centimeter is equal to 3.2480316 Feet
100 Centimeter 3.28084 Feet 100 Centimeter is equal to 3.28084 Feet

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Convert Cm to Feet with Formula and Illustrations

To convert centimeters to feet, you can either make use of an online calculator or apply a formula manually. The first method will help you attain the result in mere seconds while the second method will take some time but will also give you the exact conversion value. 

The formula for converting cm to feet is feet = cm ÷ 30.48

This means, if you wish to derive the value of a particular figure in feet, you will have to divide the centimeter figure by 30.48 to get a result. 

We have solved a few centimeters to feet conversion problems below. Take a look at these and then try and use the formula on your own. 

Example 1: Convert 168 cm into feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 168 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 168 ÷ 30.48

= 5.5118 

Thus, 168 cm when converted into feet gives you 5.5118 feet. 

Example 2: Convert 157.5 cm into feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 152 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 157.5 ÷ 30.48

=  5.1673 

Thus, 157.5 cm when converted into feet gives you 5.1673 feet

Example 3: Convert 174 cm into feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 174 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 174 ÷ 30.48

= 5.7087 

Thus, 174cm when converted into feet gives you 5.7087 feet 

Example 4:Convert 183 cm into feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 183 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 183 ÷ 30.48

= 6.0039 

Thus, 183 cm when converted into feet gives you 6.0039 feet. 

Example 5: Convert 120 cm to feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 120 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 120 ÷ 30.48

= 3.937 feet

Thus, 120 cm when converted into feet gives you 3.937 feet

Example 6: Convert 60 cm into feet

Applying the above-mentioned formula, divide 60 cm by 30.48 to get a solution.

= 60 ÷ 30.48

= 1.9685 

Thus, 60 cm when converted into feet gives you 1.9685 feet

Common Conversions from Centimeters to Feet

Since both centimeters and feet are used for measuring height, people are often found converting their height from centimeters to feet. The most common figures that they search for, include:

Centimeter Feet
152.40 cm 5’00”
154.94 cm 5’1”
157.48 cm 5’2”
160.02 cm 5’3”
162.56 cm 5’4”
165.10 cm 5’5”
167.74 cm 5’6”
170.18 cm 5’7”
172.72 cm 5’8”
175.26 cm 5’9”
177.80 cm 5’10”

In Conclusion

Both centimeter and feet are two of the most widely used measurement units. A centimetre is majorly used when measuring smaller lengths and a foot is used for measuring human height, distance and larger areas. It is also used to denote plot and room size areas. For converting centimeter to feet, you can use the Square Yards calculator. Simply enter the cm value that you wish to convert and get an instant result on our calculator. 

Keep an eye on our blog section if you’re looking for more such conversion blogs. Let us know if you have any questions or take a look at the FAQ section below.

FAQ's about CM to Feet Convert

Q1. How do I convert centimeters to feet online?

For converting centimeters to feet online, you can make use of an online conversion calculator, enter the figure you wish to convert and get an instant result.

Q2. How much is 110 cm in feet?

When you convert 110 cm in feet, you will get 3.6089 feet as an answer.

Q3. How much is 200 cm in feet?

When you convert 200 cm in feet, you will get 6.5617 feet as an answer.

Q4. How much is 162.5 cm in feet?

When you convert 162.5 cm in feet, you will get 5.3314 feet as an answer.

Q5. How much is 190 cm in feet?

When you convert 190 cm in feet, you will get 6.2336 feet as an answer.

Vipra Chadha Vipra is a full-time content writer and a part-time Netflix addict. She enjoys exploring new topics and researches every piece before nailing it on the top searches of Google. She’s passionate about learning, believes in laughing her heart out and taking life one day at a time.
Vipra Chadha Vipra is a full-time content writer and a part-time Netflix addict. She enjoys exploring new topics and researches every piece before nailing it on the top searches of Google. She’s passionate about learning, believes in laughing her heart out and taking life one day at a time.

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