Sway Away in Shark Tank Judge Anupam Mittal’s House

Anupam Mittal’s House

The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is perseverance

By Anupam Mittal

With the onset of Shark Tank India 2, people have again gone bam! Sharks are getting ready to unroll their big fat checks of investment in various growing ventures. And when we are talking about it all, let’s not forget a self-made entrepreneur who has been everyone’s favourite shark, none other than Anupam Mittal, founder of Shaadi.com, Makaan.com, and Mauj Video App, who has always gathered publicity because of his extravagant housing and lifestyle. The opulent personality is living his lavish life in the heavenly abode in South Mumbai, a haven for people living for show buzz.

Shark Tank 2 had been beckoning for a long time after Shark Tank 1 became famous and well-known. And with the instigation of Shark Tank 2, sharks have again gone out to make a bumper hit, and I’m sure Anupam Mittal is going to win some hearts. The person has attained everything himself, and originality comes with a hue of savviness. Though an ecstatic person like him is calm and composed, we can check out his house and lifestyle from the pictures he shares on social media alongside his spouse. It would give you goosebumps when you get to see Anupam Mittal's house, which he adores and cherishes, along with his wife and children, who are simply cute and elegant.

Just as much as the Shark has kept us awestruck by his hit lines during the show, you will be swept away by seeing his competing style in the choice of house and his interiors. So, without further ado! Let’s hop right into it.

Address and Cost of Anupam Mittal House

The house address of Anupam Mittal is Mehr-Naz (Housing Society) at Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, 400005, Maharashtra. The justly located house in the high-rise area of Mumbai cleverly attracts high prices, so, as an approximation, the cost of Anupam Mittal's house can be around INR 15 crore or more.

Interior of Anupam Mittal House

A Swanky and Sumptuous Living Area

When you have a swanky, roomy, ventilated living area at the back of your hands to play with, you will get a sway away from reality. Creamy flooring contrasts with chic blue-cast furniture and gold-embellished round tables. You can get the aesthetically pleasing motivation to create their artistic creation in your next chosen living room. The living room has been aptly constructed with all the mod-tech facilities, including voice commands, sensors, gadgets, electronic items, and much more. The huge, savvy living room is their favourite go-to space, which presents chicness at its best.

Dining Area Clubbed With Holy Place to Keep Negativity at Bay 

What will you say if we tell you that high-rise tables and ostentatious chairs are the new looks for your coming dining area? If you don’t believe us, you've got to check out Anupam Mittal’s dining area, which will be the perfect picture to show you how reality is making its way out. This architecture stands out from the colonial era and gives off more pleasing vibes, making it a perfect yet subtle place to accommodate family members and enjoy.

To make the aesthetic more gratifying, what better way to place holy idols to maintain tranquility and serenity in the house. We have always heard our elders say that you should not talk while eating and always express gratitude to God for whatever you are about to receive as food. This perfect quote is appropriate for Anupam Mittal's dining room, which is situated right next to the holy place. Although Anupam Mittal has not shared the photos, his wife has perfectly captured the scene. 

If this does not spread with alacrity, then what will? Take this zeal and give a makeover to your dining area.

Cavernous and Savvy Balcony Space

Well, one thing the Shark keeps aptly on track is his fitness routine, and what better place to do it than his own balcony? The cavernous balcony space has been utilised by the family on numerous occasions, including family get-togethers, playdates with children, workout sessions, and much more. Living in a high-rise building gives Anupam Mittal a huge and lavish balcony. Minimal furniture, a swing, an open area, and some chairs keep the minimalistic yet chic vibes alive. The pretty little plantations kept on the ranch side of the fence fill the area with a positive aura that creates a serene and peaceful environment. The place has presented itself as a multi-purpose area. You can enjoy me time, take out playdate time with your loved ones, relax by having a workout session, or just sit there to enjoy tranquility.

Assets owned by Anupam Mittal

Although the simple, chic, self-made billionaire has shown us glimpses of his house, his asset collection has a great collection of premium category cars. The personality is acquainted with cars like the Audi A8, Mercedes E Class, Lamborghini, and Range Rover, along with the Mercedes-AMG CLS 63, which tops them all in terms of worth.

Net worth of Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal, a self-made personality, has a net worth of approximately INR 180+ crore. Shaadi.com, his matrimonial company, has a net worth of nearly INR 15000 crore. His other major startups and investments are working out well and playing a positive role in his overall net worth.


Anupam Mittal, the Shark, has become a self-made billionaire through his success with the Shaadi.com platform, Makaan.com, and the Mauj video app. Other than these, he has invested huge amounts of money in various startups and gained bulky returns from just a few. The Shark has made us aware of the importance of taking risks and working hard, and yes, his home has won your heart in many ways. Anupam and his wife have established a visible presence on social media, which reflects their taste in chicness and savviness, as well as minimalistic aesthetics. He has made his place among his fans for reasons other than his lifestyle, which is none other than his taste in-house.

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Where does Anupam Mittal live?

Anupam Mittal currently resides in his Mumbai house.

How rich is Anupam Mittal?

Anupam Mittal, a renowned personality and founder of Shaadi.com, Makaan.com and Mauj video app, has an approximate net worth of around INR 180+ Crore.

Is Anupam Mittal a billionaire?

Anupam Mittal, scoring high among Indian billionaires, has taken up the tag of being a billionaire himself. He is among the self-made entrepreneurs who have taken a high-rising curve on the path to success.

Who is the richest member of shark tank India?

Aman Gupta, co-founder and managing director of BOAT, has become the richest member of Shark Tank India.

Do sharks get paid in shark tank India?

To be on the show, Sharks on Shark Tank, India gets paid, but the money they invest in any venture is completely their own.

Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
Vaishali Rustagi An exceptional writer obsessed with creating content, Vaishali is an engineer-turned-writer passionate about storytelling and targeted thoughts. She has a knack for reading blogs and believes in continuously improving herself to add magic to her writing.
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