What is UIDAI Aadhaar Address Validation Letter & How It Works?


The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) sends Aadhaar validation letters to people or organisations who have been asked to validate their Aadhaar card information. Anyone who wishes to use the Aadhaar number for purposes like registering for a bank account,  government programs, or using digital services must go through this verification process. 

If someone asks you to confirm your Aadhaar number, UIDAI will send you an email asking you to go to their website and provide documentation proving your identification and enrollment in the Aadhaar programme. These records may consist of your proof of identity, evidence of enrollment, and address proof (for example, a copy of your most recent utility bill, or  a recent photograph).

Note: Your registration with the UIDAI may be suspended or cancelled if you refuse to comply with the requirement to validate your Aadhaar number.

Validating an Address Using an Aadhaar Validation Letter

The Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, issues letters called Aadhaar validation letters to identify people. It frequently serves as an identification proof. Using an Aadhaar validation letter, users must submit the information mentioned below to verify an address:

  • Name
  • Aadhaar ID number
  • Address that needs verification

The UIDAI will give the user an Aadhaar card validation letter containing their name and Aadhaar number written on it, if the address users are attempting to authenticate is listed in the Aadhaar database. After that, a user may utilise this document to verify that the given address is accurate. Users will be required to present additional proof of identification, including a passport or driver's licence in case the location or address is not listed in the Aadhaar database.

How to Get an Aadhaar Address Validation Letter?

You can get an Aadhaar Address Validation Letter by following the steps given below.

  • Sign in on the Aadhaar website.
  • On the screen, select "Aadhaar Address Validation" under "Services."
  • Then, select "Validate My Aadhaar Address" on the following screen.
  • Enter your name (the first and the surname), birthdate, and passport number on the following page.
  • Select "Next."
  • On the following screen, enter your home address,the street's name, block number, or apartment number are all acceptable options. 
  • Then click "Submit." You will automatically receive a letter verifying your Aadhaar address.

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How to Raise Request for Aadhaar Validation Letter?

It is to be mentioned that the applicant must submit the Aadhar address validation letter of his or her address verifier, who may be a family member, relative, or landlord, before submitting the Aadhar Address Validation Letter.

The processes to submit a request for Aadhaar validation letter are listed below: 

Stage 1: Starting the Letter Request for Aadhaar Validation Letter

Step 1: Go to UIDAI's official website.

Step 2: Under the "My Aadhaar" page, select "Request for Address Validation Letter."

Step 3: Log in using your Aadhar Virtual ID or Aadhaar number.

Step 4: You must input the Aadhaar ID of your verifier. After receiving your verifier's approval and authentication, your aadhaar will be updated using their aadhaar address.

Step 5: At this point, click "Submit" to continue.

Stage 2: Address Verifier's Approval

Step 1: The verifier will be sent a message with a link asking for permission to validate the address.

Step 2: After clicking the link, the verifier will get another SMS with an OTP for further verification.

Step 3: To verify, provide the OTP and the captcha code.

Step 4: You will then be given your Service Request Number (SRN), which is 28 digits, by SMS.

Stage 3: Confirming the Verifier's Approval

Step 1: You must now log in using the provided SRN.

Step 2: Check your address information

Step 3: If you'd like, you could edit your native tongue.

Step 4: Select the submit button.

Stage 4: Post Letter Reception

Step 1: A letter validating your address will be mailed to your verifier's address along with a secret code.

Step 2: You must go to the Self-Service Update Portal and select "Proceed to Update Address".

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar ID to log in.

Step 4: Choose "Update Address by Secret Code".

Step 5: Submit the given secret code.

Step 6: Review the changed address in Step 6 before pressing the submit button.

Step 7: Write down the Update Request Number displayed on the screen so you can verify the status later.

The Indian government uses the Aadhaar identification number to identify citizens. Many government services, including education and healthcare, cannot be accessed unless you are enrolled with Aadhaar. The Government of India issues an Aadhar card address validation letter to ensure every resident has an Aadhaar number and is enrolled with Aadhaar. This verification of your identification by this Aadhaar card address validation letter also entitles you to government benefits.

FAQ's about Aadhaar Validation Letter

Q1. Is the Aadhaar validation letter discontinued?

Yes, UIDAI has discontinued the Aadhaar Validation letter.

Q2. Is the Aadhaar address validation letter not working?

The service has already been put on hold until further notice, and the UIDAI portal no longer offers the Aadhaar Address Validation letter feature. To receive the update alerts, you will need an additional address verification form.

Q3. How long does it take for Aadhaar validation?

It takes about 90 days for Aadhaar validation from the date you apply for it.

Sargam Bhasin The S in her name stands for short, spirited, sweet and sports. She is someone with a scintillating personality. Strong at playing with words and even stronger while expressing them. As a firm believer in self-reliance, she is a blend of sappy, saucy and whole lotta sassy.
Sargam Bhasin The S in her name stands for short, spirited, sweet and sports. She is someone with a scintillating personality. Strong at playing with words and even stronger while expressing them. As a firm believer in self-reliance, she is a blend of sappy, saucy and whole lotta sassy.
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